Top 10 Tips and Guides: Mastering Homework with Proven Strategies

Studying can often be stressful for children who want to play and have fun whenever they get an opportunity. Yet, parents who induce playful studying methods often succeed in engaging their children in studying. Is your child reluctant to complete homework at home? Don’t worry as we have got you the best and proven homework strategies here. Only the best schools offer such techniques and studying methods. So, you can count on their effectiveness and results!

Top 10 Tips & Guides For Completing Homework

Here are the top 10 tips and guides for completing homework:

1. Start preparing from a young age

After completing the school admission formalities, you have enough time with your child. Utilize this time to teach your child the importance of studying and homework.

You can start teaching them counting numbers, writing alphabets, etc. at a young age. Also, if your child is not attentive, you can seek help from experts. Once your child learns something, give them small assignments to complete. It will help it to understand the importance of completing assignments.

2. Dividing homework into sections

Adopt this technique when your child has a lengthy homework assignment in class. Most schools give lengthy homework during vacations and long holidays. You can divide the homework into multiple assignments and ask your child to complete at least one section every day.

For instance, if there are 10 math problems to be solved, you can make 5 sections of 2 problems each. Completing homework in sections will reduce the burden on the children and they will not get bored while studying.

3. Don’t distract them

Playing TV or music when your child is doing homework can be a big mistake. It will divert their attention and force them to quit their studies as early as possible. So, you must ensure that your child does not have to face any distractions while completing homework. Also, keep devices like mobile phones, tablets, and toys away when they are studying.

4. Don’t force them to complete homework fast

Many parents want their children to complete their homework fast. They usually want to make them study other subjects or topics. However, they forget that homework is an integral part of studies and must be given equal attention. So, you must avoid forcing them to complete the homework at a stipulated time. Doing so will force them to complete the assignment without any dedication.

5. Consult with experts

If your child is not able to complete homework or is not interested in it, seek help from experts. The school teachers can be your best guide in this matter. They will guide you on how to train the children to complete homework and other studying tasks.

You can also discuss the homework policies with the teachers. It will help you understand your role in guiding and motivating the child. Also, attend parent meetings regularly and make it a point to meet the teachers who teach your child at school. It will help you track your child’s progress and the teacher might give you some useful tips and insights into the behavior of children.

6. Create a timetable

Creating a timetable can help as the children like to follow certain rules when they are at home. The timetable should contain enough time for playing and other activities as well.

Also, inform the children about the time when they are supposed to complete their homework. If there is no homework on a particular day, you can ask them to study. Or else, you can create your own homework topics for such days.

Keep enough breaks in between studying and homework sessions. These breaks will help your child to regain energy and concentration.

7. Don’t complete their homework

Some parents complete the homework of their children by themselves. It can be a huge mistake as the children may take them for granted. So, make it a point that your child completes the homework without your help. You can always guide and motivate them but your assistance must not go beyond this limit.

Monitor your child when they are completing their homework. Check whether the homework has any mistakes or not. If there are any corrections, suggest those but do not do it by yourself. This strategy will help your children to complete the homework on their own.

8. Praise them

Children always need some kind of motivation from their parents. As a parent, it is your job to encourage them whenever they feel frustrated or helpless. When it comes to homework, you can praise them when they complete all their assignments on time. Also, you can arrange for small picnics or getaways to celebrate their achievements. It will motivate them and make them study harder for their future semesters.

9. Be attentive to their needs

All children are not equal. So, when it comes to their studies, you must pay closer attention to their needs and demands. Some children may not be able to speak well due to glossophobia i.e. fear of public speaking. This may affect their confidence and reflect on their poor performance at school.

Some children may suffer from dyslexia i.e. inability to read and write properly in their childhood. The best schools always treat such special children with extra care. However, as parents, it is your duty to pay attention to your child’s emotional needs.

10. Don’t be harsh

Don’t be harsh on your children if they are not able to cope up with their studies and homework. Be patient with them. Sit with them and try to help them out whenever they face any issues. Such an approach will motivate them to try harder and complete homework on time.


These are the 10 best tips that you can use to prepare your child for mastering the art of completing homework. After completing the school admission formalities, you will have to be extra careful about their requirements. One of the best things to do is get them enrolled in the top schools where teachers pay attention to the overall development of children.


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