Top 10 Korean Wolf Cut Female That Will Make You Want to Cut Your Hair!

Even though we’re nearing the end of the decade, K-beauty hairstyles are here to stay. These timeless Korean wolf cut female, from the classic blue to the sought bob, complement every Asian face shape and personality. Have faith in us when we say that these hairdos are flawless. Get a new look with the help of Beauty Insider and the latest Korean wolf haircut trends:

Having Your Hair Twisted While You Sleep

Throw out your perfectly coiffed wolf cut Korean and embrace your inner bedhead. This carefree hairdo is ideal for sluggish women who still want to look put together. To achieve this style, use a flat iron to make dents in your hair, working your way down the shaft. The Blackpink member Jennie Kim has proven that a bold headband can make or break an outfit.

If you experience hair loss but want to achieve a wolf haircut, or maybe you want to avoid it but create a fashionable, modern hairstyle, try Bono Hair hair pieces for women. With dozens of Bono Hair hair pieces, you can create any hair style, color and texture you want.

Dull Bob

The 2020s will see a surge in the popularity of short hairstyles. A short, blunt bob can be the best option if you’re desperate for a new look. The sharp wolf cut female bob not only improves your overall appearance by making you look more put together but also highlights your jawline. The smooth cut is also appropriate for any event.

Lob, Textured

The textured wolf cut female lob is a great choice if you want to try something new that is both relaxed and sophisticated. Change up your look by switching to shoulder-length waves instead of straight hair. Those who aren’t ready to go short can consider getting a lob cut.

Prolonged Waves

The trend for short hair may be the ‘in’ thing right now, but long strands à la Rapunzel are also making a reappearance. Try growing out your hair for a more chaste and childlike appearance. Learn Suzy Bae and other K-drama stars to see how these long, lustrous locks are always in style. Try softly layering your hair or getting an S-Curl perm to avoid limp locks.

Classic Blue

Going completely blue in 2020 would be a great nod to Pantone’s Color of the Year. Whether you prefer electric blue or blue-black tints, you can’t deny that just a little blue can make your hair look fresh and vibrant. Not into the solid color trend? Try an ombre cut!

The Color of Ash and Violet

We adore vibrant hues, but sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and appreciate the beauty of subdued color palettes. Ash Violet will be a popular choice for individuals who want a color that is neither too bright nor subdued. This soft shade of brown gives hair depth and a hint of vitality without becoming overpowering.

Sound of a Slamming Curtain

In 2022, if you haven’t joined the curtain bangs bandwagon, you’re losing out big time. It’s frustrating to have fine hair when everyone else seems to have thick, full locks like celebrities. But things have changed, and this fad has emerged to prevent us all from having to put in extra effort to grow our hair out.

The hair looks quite kind and silky after being styled in this manner. For that extra bounce, when you curl your hair at the ends, it’s layered in a U shape. The wolf cut female are also a prominent feature. The days of having bangs trimmed straight across or have a curtain effect are over. The sloping shape of the cut used to create curtain bangs softens the appearance of the features and minimizes the size of the face.

Calming Perm

Big, dramatic curls that require a continual stream of hairspray immediately bring to mind images of perms. But recently, in Korea, a new trend has emerged, and while you might expect women to embrace it, it seems to be the guys leading the way.

When numerous male celebrities began adopting the style, it quickly gained widespread attention. Top Korean wolf cut female celebrities like BTS‘s Kim Taehyung and Kim Seokjin, GOT7’s Yugyeom, and the actor Lee Dong Wook have all joined in on the craze.

The gentle perm hides your forehead and cheekbones but draws attention to your strong chin. This trendy new hairstyle looks amazing on people of both sexes, and it’s only going to become more popular.

A Milk Tea with Brown Sugar

The popular Korean wolf cut color brown or milk tea brown has made its way into the new year. Irrespective of the season, brown is always an appropriate choice. The buzz surrounding this new color hasn’t been quite as high as it should be, but once Aespa’s NingNing releases it, customers will flock to the salon in droves to get their hands on it. Having undertones of dark blonde, milk tea brown leans slightly ashy.

Baby Baby Bangs

Similarly, baby bangs will be popular again in 2019. These face-framing hair pieces have undergone several transformations, from bulky to see-through to baby. They keep making a comeback every year! A micro-bang was a popular accessory in 2021, although it required some practice to pull off. As the 2022 Korean wolf cut female trend of baby bangs progresses, they may become more approachable. If things go bad, you can always just cover your baby bangs! Just claim they’re growing out of your baby’s head!


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