Tips & Tricks To Encourage Children To Read More Books

Children are simply creatures! They will want more of what they enjoy!


Reading can be made enjoyable with the help of the following in the excerpt below!

Reading is more than the beginning of knowledge for a child. It is about finding their first leisurely activity which will stay along for the rest of their lives. It is about building that very first good habit.

Reading also helps in building curiosity to find answers and know more. Something so essential for the growing years. Therefore, one can understand the importance of reading and why you should encourage your child to read more.

However, reading can seem monotonous for some children as opposed to other lively activities. This is why you have to explain the charms of literature in their language!

Tips To Encourage Your Child To Read More

Here are some of the proven ways to help your child read more, as advised by parents all around.

1. Give Them Their Language

Yes, having a child prodigy who can read in multiple languages is a dream. That is why many try to introduce a language that is not their mother tongue beforehand. But pouring all your dreams on their slowly developing mind isn’t fair. Parents should understand that this part of language learning comes later.

Plus, the task’s difficulty will automatically make the child repulsive towards the activity. Not only should you introduce them in a language they converse daily, but it should also have other elements for their entertainment.

Invest in a good children’s book with excellent illustrations, easily readable texts, and a story that keeps them hooked. Good narration can help them increase their concentration by enveloping the child’s focus.

2. Have Storytelling Sessions

Before you let them read their own stories, encourage them through simple narrations. Storytelling by parents will always remain the most intimate activity between the child and their caregiver.

This helps them to build the joy of delving into a fictional land and build imaginary companions with the characters. Eventually, once they learn reading, they will want to pick it themselves and read them.

If you are unable to tell them stories, you can always enroll them in a monthly book club for kids. Live storytelling and inspiration from other fellow children reading the same book will work wonders on their reading habits.

3. Allow Them To Pick & Choose

Do not be restrictive with the books they can or cannot read. You have to give them the room to make their own choice. They will also give you a window to their personality as by the age of 3; it has already started forming with their cognitive development.

Buy them books from different children’s literature genres and keep them around the house. Monitor which one they are picking and enjoying reading. This is how you will know their favorites and purchase more of those.

4. Build A Sense Of Ownership

There are two main reasons why you should always invest in physical copies of children’s literature.

1. They still have an animation that provides optimal stimulation. Too many moving pictures can overstimulate the mind, leading to less comprehension.

2. Digital copies do not provide a sense of proprietorship for children.

Building a sense of ownership that something exclusively belongs to them will automatically encourage the child to take care of it. Gift them books on special occasions or any other day. Build them a shelf that is just for their books, and with ownership; they will gravitate more toward using them.

5. Lead By Example

There is no better way to teach something to your child than leading by example. In the age of strong imitation, your child is most likely to try out something they are watching their primary influence (parents and siblings) doing.

Create a calm and cozy space in your house where the family reads individually once a week. If you are able to continue this, the habit will automatically build in them through regular practice.

Benefits Of Children’s Literature

We have already discussed a few at the beginning of the excerpt, but here are a few more:

  • It increases their imagination, helping them with their cognitive development.
  • Through the knowledge from the books, they can correlate with reality, which assists them in answering their own curiosity.
  • Increases their articulation and language comprehension.
  • Prepares them for school and the academic life ensuing beforehand.
  • Helps them concentrate better, preventing the risk of obstructing mental health conditions like ADHD (Attention Deficiency & Hyperactivity Disorder).

Build them a library today!


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