Tips To Style Your Nursery Shelf: The DIY Idea

If you have a baby on the way, you’re probably reading up on all the latest trends in interior design and how to create a safe environment for the little one. The nursery is important because it is your child’s first room and will set the tone for their years to come. One thing that many moms forget about, however, is styling their nursery shelve. That is until, of course, they are forced to do it. If you have some DIY skills, there are some fascinating pieces of furniture you can create with your shelf and turn the space into a cozy place for little ones. If you’ve some nursery shelves ideas in mind, but don’t know how to style them, then check the following tips that will help you out to style them.

Start with a Clean Slate

Most people think that creating a nursery shelf is about getting organized, but it is actually about removing the old and getting rid of the clutter. In fact, after you have a clean slate and empty space, it leaves you with the ability to add some new elements to it and make the space feel more welcoming. When you get ready to create your nursery shelf, start by removing all the items that are no longer needed in your home or in your child’s room.

Match the Theme

If you are looking to create a whimsical room for your baby, you will want to bring out the bright colors and ornate designs. But your toddler may not be interested in all of that, so take some cues from their personalities. If you have a little boy, go for bolder colors that will stand out and be easily recognized by little ones. For girls, stay away from those loud hues because they are not as easily perceptive or will turn their noses up at them.

Put nursery shelves in eye level

Your baby will want to look at and reach for their toys and other items that are on your shelf as they grow older. You also want to easily access the shelves for clothes, toys, books and other baby necessities. If it is too high up, they will not be able to reach it, so make sure you put the shelves in a constant angle as opposed to height.

Take Your Time

When you are planning on creating your nursery shelf among all this mess, do not rush into it. You can give yourself some time so that you can plan out what you want to put on your shelves and what items to keep or remove. If there are things that you do not need, donate them to someone else who can use it. There is no need to keep something that has no value to you or your baby.

Personalize the shelves

There are so many different shelves available to you that you can make a replica of an object or creating new ones altogether. When it comes to mantel and shelf shelve, you can even customize the design and choose what color you want to be on each shelf. There is no limit on what you can create with your nursery shelf. Personalizing the nursery shelf starts with choosing personalized colors and designs with the baby name or art that can make the space feel more customized.

Use books

During the baby’s first year, they will become inquisitive and want to explore everything they see. You can use this to your advantage by using books as a tool to teach them how to read. They will be able to associate pictures with the small words and start to learn new words. Now that you have some great tips on how to create a nursery shelf, you know that it does not have to be hard or complicated. Try the best to make the place more comfortable.


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