Tips to Improve English Writing Skills for Beginners

Whether you are a content writer, marketer, researcher, or student, you should have amazing writing skills. 

Mastering numerous tips and tricks to fine-tune your writing skills is not as difficult as you may think. 

With that in mind, we have created this guide so that you improve your writing skills. 

Here, we have put together a list of tips and tricks to assist you in improving your writing skills.

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1.   Shape your writing structure

● Define your writing purpose

If you cannot explain anything to a child, you do not comprehend it.

It would be best to explain the idea to a child who lives inside your skull before you begin writing. 

In this way, you can deliver your message with more clarity. 

If your writing objective is to drive specific results, ask yourself about the desired results. 

Before jumping into the writing phase, you should have a clear writing purpose. 

After determining the writing purpose, stick to it.

● Outline the topic

If you are writing anything more complicated with numerous views and questions, organize all that information before you write. 

You can create an outline or take brief notes about the subjects you want to discuss.

● Know your target audience

You cannot write content to please everyone. 

Ask yourself: “Who do you want to read your text?”

The best part of writing top-quality content is knowing who you are writing for and why.

It’s important to know who is your target audience. 

● Respond to your readers’ questions

You should always put yourself in your readers’ shoes. This step will help you write better. 

Ask yourself this question: “Can your readers easily understand what you have written for them?”

If you respond with yes, continue writing content. However, if you do not anticipate your readers’ questions, you should fill in all the writing gaps and answer your readers’ questions.

● Avoid giving unnecessary information

If you have created an outline in advance, things will run smoothly. 

You should convey your message clearly and provide relevant details to the audience.

However, if you provide more details than you need, analyze the text and ask whether readers can understand your details. 

 If not, cut it off. 

2.   Write in a more conversational style

● Use simple language

There are three different kinds of words: 

  • Ones we already know
  • Ones we want to know
  • Ones we do not know

Forget about the third group, and use restraint towards the second. 

There is a distinction between having a large vocabulary and intentionally using expensive terms in your work. Keep it plain and straightforward unless you are trying to be poetic.

However, if you struggle to convert complicated text into simple text, you can use an online paraphrasing tool. 

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), an online sentence rephraser changes the sentence structure of the text and replaces words with proper synonyms. 

It creates a unique version of the text without disturbing its original meaning. 

In addition to simplifying your text, the paraphrasing tool avoids using robotic language and creates human-level text. 

Most importantly, the paraphraser also improves text quality. As per your writing requirements, you can use its different writing modes – General Mode, Academic Mode, and Blog Mode. 

● Write short & sweet sentences

Great writers have a talent for crafting lengthy and complex sentences. 

You cannot write in the style of Faulkner or Tolstoy. It’s simpler to read short and simple sentences. 

In order to make your writing flow smoother, you can vary the length of sentences.

● Read your text aloud

You can easily determine your writing flow by reading it aloud. Add a few lengthier words to break up that constant, monotonous pulse if it sounds jagged. 

Add a few longer words to break up that steady, repetitive beat if it sounds irregular.

3.   Tighten your writing

Sometimes we write content in a conversational tone. It’s good!

In this way, readers can easily get the crux of your writing. However, wordy language is difficult to read and can give the impression that you lack conviction.

Start using these suggestions to sharpen your writing abilities.

● Use prepositional phrases carefully

Prepositional phrases can make your writing unnecessarily wordy.

Prepositions are simple to understand, but sometimes the text does not need to be explained in that way.

Here, use prepositions wisely and try to simplify them whenever possible. In this way, clarity in your writing will be greatly improved.

● Remove filler words and phrases

Most often, our writing contains filler words.

The majority of the time, these filler words and phrases add nothing but clutter, even though occasionally they add color or even meaning.

● Don’t use adverbs to strengthen weak words

Adverbs, or those words with the -ly ending, modify verbs and occasionally adjectives

They are acceptable occasionally, but if you use them frequently, you probably choose poor words. 

● Use active voice sentences

  1. The cat was walked by Alexander.
  2. Alexander walked the cat.

Which of these two sentences sounds cleaner?

Undoubtedly, the second one. 

Therefore, you should prefer using active voice sentences. The subject of your sentence should always carry the action. 

● Keep your writing style & voice consistent

Once you know who you are writing for, you need to keep or change the writing’s voice and style.

Don’t be funny one day, sarcastic the next, and serious a week later. Keep consistency in mind at all times.

Your content should always be written in the same way. Remember, short sentences are easy to read and scan.

Some people like long sentences and big chunks of text.

No matter what you decide, stick to it.

The Takeaway

There you have it: “Tips to improve writing skills for beginners.”

We hope these tips and tricks can help you develop top-notch writing skills and achieve perfection.

Start making improvements in your writing today. Implements all the above-mentioned tips into your daily writing life and develop excellent writing skills.

Best of luck!


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