Top Best Tips For Training Your Child Fire Protection

Fire protection is an essential aspect that is mostly ignored. People of different age groups have a different reaction to fire, so there is a need for specific training for people of different age groups. Kids are the most vulnerable creature as they do not know certain reactions that what to do. It is important to teach your kids about fire safety techniques so that they can readily cope up with it even when they are alone. It’s important to have evacuation planning for your children in the event of a fire. Here we shall discuss a few of the tips to train your child for fire protection.

Identification of fire dangers

Due to the protection of the child, it is important to identify the potential dangers of fire, especially in homes. It has been observed that most of the fire incidents take place due to unattended fire sources. There is much equipment at home that is linked to the fire, so make sure to train your child to know about all the things that can cause a fire or potential source of the fire. Also, elders need to take certain steps to prevent the kids from the fire. It is recommended not to leave the cooking unattended. It would help if you were nearby unless the entire thing is cooked. Often matches and lighters are used in the kitchen. It is recommended to place these things in a secure and faraway place that must be out of reach of little kids.

It is observed that extension cord heaters become a source of a fire hazard, so do not use such heaters to avoid high voltage fire at homes. Usually, cable wires are placed under a carpet and are out of sight that can cause a fire incident. It is recommended to place such cable wires over the carpet or rug so that people passing through it can be more careful. It is recommended to service the electric and gas appliances at your home on an annual basis not to have any potential fault left in them that can cause a fire incident.

The most important tip is to let a complete candle burn if you have lightened it up. Do not go to bed or sleep while the candle is still on. Either blow it out or let it burn completely. It is usually observed that people dry the clothes by placing them on top of the fireguard, so never do that as it can cause a potential fire incident. Also, it is recommended to keep the furniture one meter away from the heating source.

Fire is fun

It is usually the child’s perspective that playing with fire is a fun thing to do. There is no harm associated with it. Children see fire as exciting because of the glare of fire and the lit of candles on birthday ceremonies. So it becomes a thrill for kids to play with the fire. It is highly recommended to explain and make your child understand the risks of fire. You can start training your child about fire safety from a very young age, such as 4 to 5 years old. Also, you can make them learn the importance of fire safety by rewarding them with a gift when they put the candle off or when they inform you about a sole source of heating at home. It all comes when you train your child from a very early age.

Dangers of fire

To bring a realistic view of fire into a child’s mind, you can explain the dangers of fire with associated examples. You can explain the incident of fire at home or any workplace that eventually spreads throughout the town. You can explain to kids that whenever they find something is burning in a room or they see the smoke, do not hide under a bed or any place within the room. Instead, teach them to go out of the place as soon as possible and call the adult or emergency service. That will surely be lifesaving training. Children consider their parents as role model, so be an example in front of your child as a child learns from your actions. While getting out of home, it is recommended to double-check the kitchen stoves and doors in front of your child so that it will leave a lasting impact on your child’s mind, and he/she will do the same.


Role-play is the most exciting way to make your children learn fire safety techniques. Develop a scenario in which one of the family members or child, for that matter, is caught in the fire. Demonstrate the “stop, drop and roll” to teach your children that how should they react in a situation when fire burst out. You can teach your child to use a blanket to trap the fire. So these all activities are fun to do, and children will readily learn in a fun environment.


You can rehearse with your children about the evacuation route in case a fire incident happens at home. Plan an evacuation route that you can use to prevent yourself from the fire. It is recommended to teach your child not to touch the door if it is hot. Instead, check the windows at home and use them as an evacuation route.

Smoke alarms

It is recommended to put smoke alarms in your house to detect the possibility of fire. Do not keep dead batteries; instead, replace them with new ones. Smoke alarms are a long-lasting thing, so you do need to change them on an annual basis. It is recommended to put an alarm system like vivint smart home in your children’s room so that fire can easily be detected. It is mandatory to first train your child about the smoke alarms.

By following the tips mentioned above, you can make your children Experts in fire protection.


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