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For every child when they go to school, the backpack is an indispensable thing. However, there is no attention for school backpacks while students have to carry many accessories on little shoulders: books, notebooks, pens, erasers, rulers to school, and of course, they lose or miss their tools. Wearing too big and heavy backpacks will badly affect the child’s back. Unfortunately, millions of children around the world haven’t accessed the good backpack yet. Therefore, the problem should be overcome with more improved backpacks and more suitable for kids to go to school.

And then, Tinipak, a start-up from Vietnam, sent me an invitation to review their backpack for kids with the hope that the product will help every child can go to school most comfortably and conveniently. And of course, I was interested and agreed to share my honest feedback on the products.

Tinpak backpack is designed in a minimalist way, with a volume of 15L and is especially light at only 1.45 LBS which is perfect for child size. On the outside, the product is made of fabric with good durability, especially the design on the back of the backpack, which is in contact with the child’s back have a genius curvature that makes kids more comfortable, the pads are also placed very reasonably with the name Triple Air System to help release air and keep children from getting hot when wearing the bag for a long time.

At the front is the highlight with customizable “Paker” patches. The two sides of the backpack have water bottle compartments with elastic straps to prevent water bottles from falling, it is also equipped with hidden pockets to help children can store money or card.

In addition, Tinipak also equips additional accessories for his backpack. Inside, there is a small removable bag and a shoulder strap so your child can carry a laptop or folder to school without having to carry a whole backpack.

There are two separate boxes for pencils and pens:

“TiniPencilbox” and“TiniPenbox” have great organization and arrange school supplies well. All of the accessories also can stick morale patches, pretty amazing.

Following the success of the first backpack project, Tinipak will soon launch a new project called TiniBag, a product created with the purpose of overcoming the problem of kids forgetting things at school. It’s great that I was one of the first to experience the product.

TiniBag also has a minimalist style and is extremely light at only 300 grams. Surprisingly, it can be combined with the backpack by a convenient magnetic keychain. Children can wear the backpack in the back and connect to the TiniBag on the front chest, a very novel and unique design, from now they don’t need to hold so many things in their hands.

Not only that, the product is designed with two straps and makes the product can be worn in 3 different ways, children can wear them as a small backpack, customize it as crossbody bag or simply carry it on the shoulder.

The side of the product still has a water bottle holder with straps to prevent water bottles from falling out and a custom patch is attached to the front, which children can change for special occasions, holidays, or simply by personality.

The top will still have a handle, there is also a secret hidden pocket right next to it to help children quickly get important items such as phones or wallets. I am very excited that they are still able to perfect their products in such detail.

On the back, it has a storage compartment with a very impressively designed zip lock that can quickly open, the interior compartment is completely waterproof. Children can use it to carry lunch boxes, shoes or swimsuits.

Inside, you can customize your belongings on each trip without fear of clutter with 2 completely separate compartments. In addition, small mesh pockets can be used to divide small items to help children not mix things up.

Tinibag comes in 4 different colors including blue, black, pink and mint blue. Not only can it be used to take to school, but it is also still very suitable for adults to use as an extra bag for a trip.

That would be great when kids could access products specifically designed for them every day at school. I’m sure your kids will love it.

The TiniBag product has been launched on Kickstarter with the special event “Make 100”. Join to have the opportunity to buy both products TiniBox and TiniBag for just only $100 – up to 56% off instead of $228 for the retail price.



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