The Ultimate Guide To Weight Loss Calculators: How They Work

If you are gaining weight, and it has become a challenge to lose weight, then the most obvious reason for that is that you are not burning as many calories as you should burn. This can be quite annoying for you, as you are putting all of your efforts into reducing your weight. The most obvious reason for that is if you are not calculating, how many calories you need to burn for your daily output burn.

People do wonder if they are losing weight, it is due to the fact they are not able to burn the required amount of calories. We require energy even to live, we are naturally burning out calories in fulfilling various activities of life, like breathing, digesting, and the circulation of the blood in our body.

In this article, we going to describe, what is your total daily energy expenditure by the weight loss planner and how the weight loss calculator can be a great source to shed your ponds:

How to Create a Calorie Deficit?

The calorie deficit is created when you are burning more calories than you are eating, it is the basis of all the weight loss equations, the calorie deficit is the difference of calories input minus the number of calories equal to the calorie deficit.

Calorie Deficit for weight management = Input of Calories- Output of Calories 

This is an important calculation, you have to know one pound of extra fats is made up of 3500 calories. 

  • This means if you want to decrease your weight by one pound in one week, you have to create a deficit of 3500/7=500 calories per day, you need to burn an extra 500 calories every day to lose weight.

Use Online Help to Lose Weight:

This is the number of calories you have to burn daily to shed weight by one pound within a week. You need to know your daily calorie requirement by using the weight loss calculator.   

The most important thing here is the piece of information, what you need to require, and How much work? You certainly require your athletic bodies! The total daily energy expenditure calculator helps to calculate the number of calories you are required to burn during the day. We normally fulfill all of these calories by eating a small quantity of food, the remaining calories we have to burn by working or exercising.

  • When you are able to maintain your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) in control, then you will be able to control your weight.
  • Obesity itself is a disease, when a person encounters obesity, they may face diseases like heart attack and diabetes.
  • The weight loss calculator can make it easy to shed extra pounds without too much stretch.

Ways to Create a Calorie Deficit:

There are three ways to create a calorie deficit in your body to lose weight:

Eat Less and Maintain Better BMR:

Eat less amount of calories, which is required to perform the basic activities of life. For this, you have to know your Basal Metabolism Rate (BMR), energy is required to perform basic life functions like breathing, digesting, and blood circulation. Now your BMR rate, and then eat less amount of calories than the required one and create a calorie deficit.

Do Exercise and Burn Calories:

The second way is to exercise more and lose the extra calories. This can be done by using the weight loss calculator, knowing your daily expenditure of Energy, and arranging the exercise routine, to burn more calories than you are eating. This can reduce your weight.

Diet and Exercise Combination:

The combination of both controlling your diet and doing exercise is the best way to reduce your weight, as you also follow the course of making your muscles stronger.


Gaining weight is a normal thing everybody gains some weight, during their life. The most important thing here is to know how to use the weight loss calculator online and work to reduce my weight through exercise and diet control. Obesity is itself a health hazard for your health, losing weight and living a healthy life. 


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