The Rise of Esports: How Video Games are Taking Over the Sports World

From the world of sports to the educational sector, recent advancements in science and technology have significantly revolutionized the world around us. The gaming industry has experienced the most changes and developments in the past decades.

From the incorporation of AR and VR technologies in escape room games to the evolution of eSports, there is much to look out for. eSports or electronic sports refers to the development of online competitive gaming modules into spectator sports. Though it started initially as a niche industry, one can find it evolving distinctly over the last few years. Nowadays, one may even regard it as a poignant sector in the gaming and entertainment industry.

In this article, we will investigate how the growth of eSports reflects how video games have taken over the entire sports sector. So, check it out:

What does eSports mean?

eSports or electronic sports portrays the transformation of online gaming modules into a form of spectator sports. The gaming experience is like watching any professional sports event with, however, a subtle difference. It is here that instead of only watching a sports event, the spectators view fellow video gamers competing against one another in a virtual environment.

It offers a similar level of fun and enjoyment to spectators as watching a football or cricket tournament does. Just as the audience enjoys watching top athletes performing to the best of their capabilities, almost similarly people enjoy watching eSports.

When it comes to eSports, spectators can either watch it as individual players or may even join large organizations to compete for large cash prizes. The players can further interact or engage with the spectators in numerous ways in these games. From using social media networks to different live-streaming platforms players can swiftly interact with the audience now!

On the other hand, the spectators can also view and follow their favorite teams as they compete in different local and global tournaments. The world of eSports continues to develop with the use of different advanced forms of technology, services, analytical tools, and others.

How is the field of eSports growing today?

Estimates made in 2021 revealed how the global market for eSports has secured a value of approximately $1.08 billion. It consequently portrayed nearly a swift 50% rise in comparison to the previous year!

The first known competition in the field of eSports reportedly took place in 1971. It happened at the world-renowned Stanford University. During the event, five students competed against one another in an “Intergalactic Spacewar Olympics.” The winner of the event received an annual subscription to Rolling Stone.

The International 2019 hosted by Dota 2 invited top players worldwide to compete against one another. The winner was to receive a crowdfunded prize pool of approximately $34.3 million. Only about a year before the event, CNBC reported how the World Championship finals of “League of Legends” secured about 100 million unique viewers!

The world of eSports especially grew and developed since the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. As it shut down all the usual forms of entertainment and confined people to their homes, eSports became the only major source of entertainment for the people. Across various European countries in particular, 38-67% of spectators reported how they watched eSports as an alternative entertainment during the pandemic.

There are various ways to earn money from eSports today. The most obvious way is through the prize money won in different tournaments. However, eSports athletes may also earn money by streaming their games live on different platforms.

Signing for big contracts with reputed organizations like TSM, 100 Thieves, Team Liquid, and others is also a viable way to earn money. Given that eSports has grown to become an avenue that benefits the audience, players, and organizations, it has consequently experienced a swift development in recent years.

What are some of the upcoming trends in eSports?

Much like every other sector, eSports is also set to experience some new trends in the coming years. The development of eSports in North America is following the trend of the franchise model already adopted by the NFL, NBA, and others.

Riot made a recent announcement regarding its popular game “League of Legends.” It stated how it is ready to establish a franchise model in North America. It will have ten spots, each with a large prize amount of money of about $10 million. “Overwatch” by Activision is also set to adopt the franchise model.

Europe, in contrast, is still following the promotion and relegation model. It draws from its increasing familiarity with the system adopted by popular groups like UEFA Champions League.  

The field of eSports is now ready to take over the top position in the gaming and entertainment industry. It is set to experience various new trends which will help develop the sector and help it secure a top position in the future.


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