The Latest Technologies Mobile Manufacturers Use for Cybersecurity

Manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung integrate advanced technologies in phones for data protection. For instance, Apple introduced Lockdown Mode in the iOS 16 update to secure iPhones from digital threats. It blocks users from accessing any non-image attachments in Messages.

This built-in iOS feature restricts iPhones from accepting wired connections from computers or Bluetooth devices. It also blocks invitations from unknown numbers on FaceTime, and Apple users can enable this feature from the Settings app easily.

Besides, Google has improved the Android phone’s age-old data privacy practices. It added a “Permission Manager” feature to prevent location tracking. You can find the list of apps that track your location without your acknowledgement.

A security lock isn’t enough to protect your phone data. So, you must know the device’s other privacy features for online safety. Why do we make such a statement?

Let’s clarify that with an example: Kaspersky, a cybersecurity company, detected over 3.5 million data breaches in smartphones.

Besides, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center receives over 1,300 complaints daily from mobile users. Thus, using compelling cybersecurity features and apps becomes essential for data protection.

Let’s get to know about the cybersecurity features Apple and Google use in their phones:

Best Cyber Security Features in iPhones:

Apple uses advanced cyber security measures to protect iPhones from spyware. On December 7, 2022, it rolled out new features to secure user data from hackers.

The first feature that we are going to talk about is “Advanced Data Protection”. CCTV Repair Dubai verified it is a cloud-based file storage service. This feature is also available in your iPhone’s iCloud. It uses end-to-end encryption to safeguard your important files from cyber-attackers.

You might have heard about the term “end-to-end encryption” – How does it work?

It is a cybersecurity method that helps users to encrypt files before uploading them to cloud platforms. It ensures any unauthorised user can’t access the file’s unencrypted version.

Apple’s iCloud service secures 14 data types with end-to-end encryption. However, Advanced Data Protection provides cybersecurity to 9 more data types, including “Photos” app files. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available for iOS apps like – Calendar, Contacts and Mail.

Here are the other iPhone cyber security features that you must be aware of:

Contact Key Verification

Apple announced this security feature in December 2022 during a press release. The company revealed that it would be available in early 2023. However, you must know how Contact Key Verification works before enabling it.

This security feature alerts you if any state-sponsored spies are eavesdropping on your iMessage conversation. It ensures you’re texting the person you intend to. It is one of the best security practices that Apple will add to iPhones.

Where can You Find Contact Key Verification?

Apple didn’t reveal much about the Contact Key Verification feature. They stated that it would be available in the latest iOS 16 update.

Do you have the new iPhone 14 Pro? Open any conversation and scroll down to the chat’s end to locate this feature.

Did you notice the “a recognised device may have been added to xxxx account” message? Someone has added their account to your iMessage and is accessing your private conversations. Here, “xxxx” denotes your Apple ID account name.

Why did Apple decide to add Contact Key Verification on iPhones?

Apple has been using end-to-end encryption for iMessage for a long time. However, many data breaches took place even after enabling this feature. Thus, many iPhone users switched to other messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Journalists reported that their iPhones were tracked by state-level spyware. Thus, the company introduces Contact Key Verification. It will help users to share sensitive data via iMessage without worrying about cyber security risks.

The person you want to send the text should also enable this feature. Otherwise, your iPhone’s Contact Key Verification won’t work. Every iMessage user will have a unique Contact Verification code. You can share that via FaceTime or in person for higher security.

Security Keys for Apple ID

It is another cyber security feature that Apple announced during the press release. Security Keys will provide an extra layer of protection against phishing attacks. It uses 2FA to verify the users signing in with their Apple ID.

How Do Your iPhone’s Security Keys for Apple ID Feature Work?

Security Keys allow only the Apple ID account user to alter settings. When you tap on the Apple ID, it asks for two details – these are:

  • Your phone’s Apple ID password
  • The 6-digit verification code

Apple will restrict you from opening the Apple ID account if you provide an incorrect password or verification code. Security keys are hardware keys that look like thumb drives, and you must keep these security keys in a safe location. If you lose them, your Apple ID account will be locked permanently.

Requirements for Security Keys for Apple ID

Not all security keys will be compatible with your iPhone, and only FIDO Certified security keys work with the latest Apple products. Besides, you must install iOS 16.3 to access security keys for Apple ID.

Update the iPhone’s default browser – Safari. Otherwise, you can’t use the security key to sign in to your Apple ID account. However, security keys won’t work on the older iPhone models.

Best Cyber Security Features for Android Phones

Studies show that Android phones are more vulnerable to data threats than iPhones. Though you can recover lost data, it’s essential not to lose them in the first place. Here is how you can protect your Android device data from cybercriminals:

Google Personalisations

Don’t want anyone to monitor your app and browsing activity? Access your Google account activity control and disable some options. You can access from Chrome to make the changes.

You can also follow these steps to turn off the web and app activity:

  • Open your Android phone’s Settings app and scroll down to “Privacy”.
  • Navigate to “Activity Controls” and select your Google account when prompted.
  • Locate the Web & App Activity section and tap “Turn Off”.
  • Head towards “Location History” and disable it.
  • Go to “YouTube History” and choose “Turn Off”.
  • Move to “Personalised Ads” and tap “My Ad Centre” to disable it.

Caller ID & Spam Protection

Google Pixel phones have a caller ID and spam protection feature that helps users to find who’s calling. You will receive a “suspected spam caller” message if any potential hacker tries to contact you. Besides, you can block the suspected numbers if this feature is on.

Call Screen

Call Screen works like the Caller ID and Spam Protection feature. Do you want to know who is calling and why before answering? Enable this Android phone feature, save time and avoid unwanted calls.

Android phones won’t save the call information when the “Call Screen” is on. No one can check your call activities, even from the Google Assistant Activity page.

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Best Security Apps for iPhone and Android Phones

Protecting your phone’s confidential data has become easier with security apps. However, before installing, you must check whether the app is easy-to-use and reliable. It should have a user-friendly interface and an instant fraud detection feature.

iPhone users must use the Clario app to reduce cyber security risks. It sends instant notifications to users when they access any malicious sites. Besides, this app blocks harmful ads and uses a VPN to enhance web security.

Do you want to secure your Android phone from hackers? Get the Avast Mobile Security app on your device from the Play Store. It protects the phone from security threats and also has anti-theft support. So, compare the security apps’ ratings and increase your data safety.


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