The Hottest Baby Products for Modern Parenting

Becoming parents means months of mental and physical preparation, including a seemingly endless search for the best baby products. Which products are absolutely necessary, and which can you do without – saving your budget from potentially useless purchases?

As a new parent, you will be constantly inundated with marketing campaigns promising you a better lifestyle, more desperately needed sleep, and stylish functionality that will make even the trendiest parents jealous!

To make things simpler for you and your growing family, we prepared a list of popular baby products that successfully straddle the line between essential and superfluous!

Integrated Car Seat and Stroller

If your little one will go anywhere in a vehicle, they will absolutely need an infant car seat. In fact, most hospitals will not let you leave with your new born baby until they verify proper fit in a car seat.

This year, we turn our attention to the most advanced travel systems that combine a car seat and stroller into a single integrated unit. Baby product reviews from several leading websites such as Mommyhood101 and Baby list reveal that the new Doona car seat and stroller combination offers an intriguing feature: a fully integrated infant car seat and stroller!

Rather than separately purchasing these two baby essentials, the Doona car seat and stroller combination allows you, with one button push, to extend wheels from the bottom of the car seat making a stroller appear!

This type of product is versatile, convenient, and comfortable – allowing your child to remain in their familiar car seat while in the vehicle and beyond. No more stressful transfers between car seats and stroller, trunks taking up every square inch of the trunk, and lugging around a heavy stroller. For strolls around town, grocery store visits, play dates, and appointments, we think an integrated car seat and stroller is an excellent option!

Wipeable Changing Pad

It is not surprising that your washing machine will suddenly be working non-stop with your baby’s appearance! Between receiving blankets, onesies, washcloths, towels, and clothing, you’ll feel like you’re constantly cleaning up after your little one!

One way you can help prevent dirty mishaps is by purchasing a waterproof and easily-cleaned diaper changing pad. These changing pads help you quickly wipe off any messes without throwing yet another item into the washing machine.

Some of the hottest changing pads this year, such as the Hatch changing pad, have an integrated smart scale that weighs your baby and tracks their development through a mobile app. We love the convenience, versatility, and functionality of smart baby products – and this changing pad is no exception!

Smart Cribs & Bassinets

Another valuable baby product to pay attention to is the Smart cribs, which is rapidly proliferating the baby gear market. Examples include the popular SNOO sleeper, the Cradlewise crib and bassinet, and additional smart bassinets from Graco and Fisher-Price.

Smart cribs and bassinets combine baby monitoring, sleep tracking, and soothing motions to help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep for longer. The best smart cribs monitor your baby for movements and sleeplessness, and automatically trigger soothing motions such as gentle side-to-side rocking or up-down bouncing. Smart baby products such as the SNOO and Cradlewise constantly adjust these motions to your baby’s behavior, and smartly combine them with soothing sounds like music, lullabies, and white noise.

There are several smart baby products on updated lists of the best baby products on the market, and you can read about them in updated baby product reviews at Mommyhood101.

Diaper Bag

Being a mom of an infant equals always taking a ton of different gear with you. And a diaper bag is the ideal solution to having everything organized in one place. Commonly such bags include a lot of dividers and pockets for baby essentials like diapers, toys, sunscreen (see the FDA guidance on this topic), and parents’ stuff like car keys or wallet. Besides, with its waterproof exterior and wipeable interior, you will be ready for any ‘wet accidents’.

It also features insulated bottle pockets and a changing pad to make running errands with a baby highly convenient. You are mistaken if you suggest that a diaper bag is more about practicality than style. Their designs are up-to-date, so you can carry them on while traveling or in everyday life when a kid grows up.


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