The Best Amanita Muscaria Gummies by Six Leading Online Brands

Today, many people consume mushroom supplements for their potential health benefits. Now, more and more people are trying alternative mushroom products like Amanita gummies to experience their relaxing, psychoactive effects.

Amanita gummies are available to buy online from a number of leading brands, but not all of them are made to the same high standards. So, we have compiled a shortlist of the six best Amanita gummies products that you can buy online to save you time.

Before we check out these products, here’s a quick overview of what Amanita muscaria is for those unfamiliar with this intriguing mushroom species.

What is Amanita Muscaria?

Amanita muscaria, commonly referred to as the Fly agaric, is a visually striking mushroom species with a vibrant red cap covered in white flecks. While Amanita muscaria has a very wide distribution across the world, this mushroom species grows mainly in the Northern Hemisphere’s woodlands.

For millennia, humans have consumed Amanita muscaria to experience its psychoactive effects, and the mushroom has a rich historical tradition among several different cultures. The Amanita muscaria mushroom does not contain psilocybin but instead contains three main compounds, including ibotenic acid, muscimol, and muscarine.

To safely consume Amanita muscaria mushrooms, they must first undergo a decarboxylation process, which converts the neurotoxic compound ibotenic acid into muscimol. Muscimol is the compound that is responsible for this mushroom’s psychoactive effects. Products like Amanita gummies go through a carefully controlled manufacturing process to achieve low ibotenic acid levels while boosting the muscimol content and enhancing their psychoactive properties.

How We Chose the Best Amanita Gummies

We took a number of factors into consideration when determining what online brands offered the best Amanita gummies. We reviewed the products based on the following:

  • The muscimol concentration contained in the Amanita gummies
  • How many Amanita gummies were in each product
  • The value for money is based on the overall quality and ingredients contained in the product
  • The selection of flavor options and how they tasted
  • We also thoroughly researched the brand. We analyzed their industry reputation and customer feedback
  • We also looked at whether they offered free shipping and how promptly the product was shipped

After carefully considering all of the above criteria, we determined that these six brands offer the best Amanita gummies on the market. We have ranked them in order of excellence from 1-6, so now it’s time to find out which brands offer the best Amanita gummies.

1. VidaCap Amanita Muscaria Gummies

In our opinion, the brand that offers the best Amanita muscaria gummies is VidaCap. VidaCap is a mushroom supplement brand based in the U.S., and its Amanita muscaria gummies are fast becoming one of the company’s most popular products.

VidaCap’s Amanita muscaria gummies are infused with 500mg of Amanita muscaria extract. They are made using a psilocybin-free formula, so they provide a relaxing, psychoactive experience without any unwanted psychedelic effects.

What makes VidaCap’s Amanita gummies the best on the market is their overall quality and their relaxing, psychoactive effects. We appreciate that VidaCap takes product safety seriously and has its Amanita gummies rigorously tested by third-party testing.

Those interested in trying VidaCap’s Amanita gummies can save 30% by signing up for the subscribe-and-save option. You can choose to have your Amanita gummies delivered every two weeks, every month, or every two months.

2. Premium Jane Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Gummies

Premium Jane is a market-leading brand more typically associated with CBD and other hemp-derived cannabinoid products. Recently, though, the brand has entered the Amanita gummies market. The good news is that Premium Jane’s offering is among the best Amanita muscaria gummies products available online.

Premium Jane’s Amanita muscaria gummies contain 500mg of Amanita extract per gummy and are completely free from psilocybin. We found Premium Jane’s Amantia gummies very relaxing, and they are great for unwinding and relaxing after a long, hard day’s work.

Premium Jane’s Amanita gummies are available in a tasty Berry-Mango flavor and are gluten-free and vegan-friendly. The brand also prioritizes product quality and safety and has its Amanita gummies tested by independent labs to ensure their purity.

We’re sure that you will love Premium Jane’s Amanita gummies, and you can save 30% on repeat orders by signing up for their subscribe-and-save option. Premium Jane offers free shipping on all U.S. orders, which is yet another reason why they made the number two position on our list.

3. Empe USA Spiritual Mushroom Gummies

Empe USA Spiritual Mushroom Gummies is a premium product infused with extracts from a number of different Amanita species, including Amanita muscaria, Amanita Pantherina, and Yellow Fly Agaric. Empe USA’s Amanita gummies are available in two flavors, Blue Raspberry and Mango, and they both taste great.

While Empe USA’s Amanita gummies is a high-quality product, the $99 price tag for ten gummies may be off-putting for some. Furthermore, while Empe USA publishes lab results for several of their products, we could not find one for their Spiritual Mushroom Gummies.

4. TrustedMushrooms Amanita Mushroom Gummies

TrustedMushrooms utilizes its revolutionary Mushroom Ultra-Sonic Cavitation (MUSC) technology when manufacturing its Amanita gummies. According to the brand, the MUSC technology boosts the bioavailability of the Amanita extract in the gummies tenfold. While this all sounds impressive, there are some downsides to TrustedMushrooms Amanita gummies, such as the absence of any evidence that this product has been tested by an independent laboratory.

For the record, TrustedMushrooms has another product that contains 40 Amanita gummies for consumers who like to save money by buying in bulk.

5. Modus Voodoo Mushrooms Amanita Muscaria

Modus Voodoo Mushrooms are another quality option for those interested in trying Amanita gummies. According to Modus Mushroom, its Amanita gummies contain muscimol, muscarine, and ibotenic acid in a 2:1:1 ratio to maximize their effects. Each pack contains six Amanita gummies that are infused with 500mg of mushroom extract, and there are seven different flavors to choose from. We were happy to see that Modus Mushrooms has its Amanita gummies tested by third-party labs and provides links to the lab reports on its website.

While there are lots of positives, there are also some downsides to this product. The muscimol content appears very low on the lab report, and the brand makes repeated claims about psychedelic effects, which is a bit misleading as they contain no psilocybin whatsoever.

6. Spores MD Amanita Mushroom Psychedelic Blend Gummies – Blue Magic

Spores MD’s Amanita gummies contain extracts from different mushroom species, including Amanita, Lion’s Mane, and Cordyceps. According to Spores MD, these Amanita gummies are made from a triple-extracted 100% fruiting body nano extract.

Each pack contains 20 Amanita gummies, and they are currently priced at $49.99, so they are a fairly pricey product.

The brand provides lab reports for its Amanita gummies, but they contain minimal info and show that the product was only tested to verify its muscimol and ibotenic acid content.

Final Thoughts on the Best Amanita Muscaria Gummies Online

VidaCap, in our opinion, has the best Amanita muscaria gummies available online.

In terms of the overall quality of the product, the reputation of the brand, and the amazing effects of these Amanita gummies, VidaCap is number one. If you would like to try VidaCap’s Amanita gummies, then visit their official website,


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