The 5 Best Cities for Raising a Family in America

When attempting to start, grow, and raise a family, choosing a suitable location might prove to be a challenging task. Not only do the housing and living expenses need to be considered, but also the schooling opportunities, safety concerns, as well as other family-friendly experiences you might enjoy. Suitable places for raising a family in America are truly aplenty, but here are some of the best ones to note:

1. Naperville, Illinois

The Chicago suburb of Naperville offers a suburban, homey atmosphere, and is among the best places for raising children in the US. Merely an hour’s drive from the Windy City, Naperville is home to some of the best schools in the country, significantly lower crime rates compared to the national average, as well as affordable home prices. The suburb also provides plenty of family activities, from children’s museums and classes for kids to the beautiful Centennial Beach and the Riverwalk area that are always a hit during the warmer months.

2. Irvine, California

Irvine continues to be ranked as one of the best places to live in the United States, and for a good reason. It offers excellent public schools and the lowest crime rates in the nation, thus being a great city for raising a family. Due to the bustling economy propelled by large American businesses, Irvine also offers plenty of jobs in finance, technology, and other important sectors. In addition, this attractive city boasts several dozen lovely parks, museums and an outdoor amphitheatre, unique architectural villages, and the Irvine Global Village Festival, an interesting event celebrating the city’s diverse population and cultures.

3. Abilene, Texas

Although often overlooked, Abilene is a charming, friendly, and well-connected city located in the heart of Texas that’s truly ideal for raising a family. The city is home to great schools, including a number of universities and colleges, and offers plenty of family-friendly activity options, such as the local zoo, drive-in theater, as well as the wonderful character statues that make the “Storybook Capital of America” so unique. What’s more, you can easily find beautiful Abilene apartments for rent that are perfect for families. Along with a great location and necessary amenities, plenty of apartments will also come with additional perks like fitness centers and swimming pools, making family life that much easier.

4. Greenwich, Connecticut

Often thought to be among the best places to live in America, Greenwich is a prosperous middle and upper-class city in Connecticut. Not only is it consistently one of the top safest cities in the country, but it is also home to great private and public schools that often graduate students to prime colleges. Greenwich is only a 45-minute rail ride away from Manhattan’s Grand Central Station, making it ideal for parents who work in the city but enjoy the suburban life. Greenwich is a dynamic and characteristic place on its own as well, offering a natural history museum, a symphony orchestra, four beaches, and three islands boasting bird sanctuaries and wildlife habitats.

5. Franklin, Massachusetts

Although a smaller town compared to the other cities on this list, Franklin is continuously and quite famously ranked as the safest town in the United States, making it a wonderful choice for raising a family. The local high school has a history of true graduating excellence, with a vast majority of its students being accepted into Ivy League schools and other top colleges and universities around the country. Franklin’s activities are popular among teens and growing kids alike, offering endless sports opportunities and recreational activities. The town also hosts a yearly four-day festival called the Feast of St. Rocco that comes with live music, a carnival, and other interesting activities for both the parents and the kids.

America is undoubtedly a beautiful country with plenty of great destinations where one can start and grow a family. The cities mentioned above are only some of the most popular suggestions, based on their cost of living, school and lifestyle ratings, as well as general safety.


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