TCARAIWEN’s Ride On Trucks

As the Head of a bustling kindergarten I often have to make decisions about what toys to buy for our kids. My considerations are safety and fun value. I am proud to say that this year I bought four of TCARAIWEN’s Ride On Trucks, and they are a roaring success with our kids and parents alike.

The truck is a cool toy for kids because it resembles a real truck in so many ways, and kids really feel important when they ride it. They can either ride these vehicles on their own or operate by remote control. it is equipped with a realistic gas pedal, so stepping on it and starting up brings kids more real driving experience. The vehicle has quite a number of functions: it is equipped with swing function, speed adjustment function, forward and backward function etc. it is available in white, red, black and silver. Discount will be applied automatically when you buy the electric truck cars online.

The truck is quite versatile; it has two installation methods. After reverse installation, the box can withstand the maximum weight of an adult. What’s more, it can also be used as a storage box for children to store their favorite snacks and toys.

The cool thing about the truck is that it comes equipped with an Mp3 player, Bluetooth connection function, AUX port, and USB port. Our teachers like to play their kids’ favourite tiktok music on their phone, which the kids can listen to while riding around.

As a person responsible for the kids’ safety, I am very happy that the vehicle comes with a safety button which teachers can turn on, and lets them operate the vehicle while sitting in the back seat. This is especially important when it comes to kids with special needs and slow bloomers who need assistance. Moreover, it is equipped with five points safety seat belts which bring more safety when kids drive.

Our kindergarten has a huge open backyard space, and our kids love to take the trucks out and drive there. It really helps that these trucks are made for real world driving experience with its two 12V 4.5AH batteries that provide powerful power for its 6-wheel drive. One time charging can last for 1.5 to 3 hours of driving. I am not worried about sturdiness because the truck has tires made of EVA material that is wear-resistant, is shockproof, and have cushioning capacity. So they are suitable for various terrains; even grasslands and deserts. What’s more, the rear of the vehicle is equipped with handles, making it easier to transport the vehicle.

We have never had problems with charging the vehicle. The battery can be directly taken out and charged at any port by any of our teachers.  It is safe, efficient, and convenient. The only thing to remember is that to extend the battery life, we should not charge the battery after it runs out of charge. However, it does take a long time to charge; about 8 to 12 hours. What we usually do is to charge it overnight.

The truck may be considered too pricey by some, but in my experience, quality comes at a price. The truck is made of high quality material that can last a long time. Considering the quality, the price is reasonable.


  1. Adult seats
  2. Realistic step gas pedal
  3. Five points safety seat belts
  4. multi-media player
  5. Pull-over handle bar
  6. Quality material
  7. Removable rechargeable battery


  1. Price could be a deterrent for people on a tight budget
  2. Long charging time


Highly recommended!


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