Tarot and Meditation: Combining Tarot with Meditation Practices for Intuition

In personal growth, tarot and meditation are like two guiding stars. Each has its own way of helping us look within. The tarot tells us about our subconscious thoughts. On the other hand, meditation opens the door to our inner selves.

When you use tarot and meditation together, the results are amazing. They can supercharge our natural intuition. This means we can understand things more deeply and see things more clearly.

This article will explore this beautiful partnership between tarot and meditation. We’ll see how blending these two practices can take our intuitive skills to the next level. Keep reading!

Combining Tarot and Meditation

The world of tarot is a set of beautifully illustrated cards – a window into the depths of our subconscious. Each card is a tapestry of symbols and images, reflecting different aspects of our lives, emotions, and experiences. Conversely, meditation is about quieting the mind and delving inward. So, what happens when these two powerful tools come together? Magic.

When tarot and meditation are combined, they create a synergy that is greater than the sum of their parts. Think of it this way: while the tarot card provides a vivid story or theme, meditation allows us to dive deep into that story. It’s like using the tarot card imagery as a stepping stone to guide our focus during meditation.

Imagine sitting in a quiet space with a tarot card before you. As you meditate, let the card’s imagery guide your thoughts. For example, if you’re focusing on ‘The Fool’ card, you might find yourself contemplating new beginnings. This card, portraying the spirit of adventure, might stir feelings of hope and optimism within you. It could evoke the bravery required to start new chapters in life. Meditating on ‘The Hermit’ card might take you on a different journey. This card speaks of introspection, solitude, and deep self-reflection.

Furthermore, the calmness of meditation might help you uncover truths about your personal growth or clarify the path you should be taking. While tarot offers detailed stories and themes, meditation provides a serene environment for these stories to expand and come to life. This pairing allows practitioners to fully engage with each card’s story, leading to a richer understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Practical Steps to Integrate Tarot with Meditation

Blending tarot and meditation might seem mystical, but it’s a practical and insightful way to engage with your subconscious. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to synergize these two powerful tools:

1. Selecting a Card:

First of all, choose the right tarot platform, i.e., Tarotoo. Then start with your deck. You can either shuffle and draw a card randomly or pick one that resonates with you. If you have a particular issue or theme—love, career, or personal growth—choose a card like the Lovers for Relationships, the Two of Cups for Partnerships, or the Hermit for introspection.

2. Setting Up the Environment:

Find a peaceful and quiet spot in your home. Ensure there’s no disturbance, so mute your phone and notify your family or housemates. Lighting also matters. Dim lights, with a soft candle glow, can set the mood.

If you like, use essential oils like lavender for relaxation or incense to heighten the spiritual atmosphere. Plus, sit comfortably; though lying down might be tempting, it can lead to dozing off. Place the card you’ve chosen before you so you can easily see it.

3. Focusing on the Breath:

Begin with grounding. Relax your body, inhale through the nose, and then exhale slowly. If your mind starts wandering, gently guide it back, picturing each stray thought as a cloud drifting by.

4. Relaxation:

Shift from the mind to the body. Picture the air you breathe as a rejuvenating force, filling every cell of your body. As you release the breath, imagine tension melting away, leaving a sense of profound calm.

5. Engaging with the Tarot Card:

Open your eyes and fixate on the card. Let the imagery capture your imagination. Imagine the card’s scene expanding, pulling you into its universe. Engage with the scene. Talk to the figures, feel the textures, and immerse yourself in their story. Think about what messages the card offers. What feelings arise?

6. Awakening:

After spending ample time in the card’s universe, it’s time to return. Picture the expansive scene shrinking back to card size. Gradually become aware of your environment, the floor beneath you, and the sounds around you.

7. Documenting Insights:

This is an integral step. Grab a journal and jot down everything you felt, saw, and experienced. Even subtle emotions or fleeting images are worth noting. These records help you understand the insights better and offer a reference point for future sessions.

Additional Tips for Tarot Meditation

  • Start with 10 minutes of meditation. Later, you can increase it to 30 minutes.
  • Choose a quiet place.
  • Play some meditation music.
  • Use essential oils to set the mood.
  • For meditation, it’s best to use the Major Arcana cards. They have 21 numbered cards and one unnumbered card, “The Fool”.
  • Just focus on the card. Let its message come to you. Don’t force it.
  • Reflect on what the card told you. This will help you to note down your imagination.


Using tarot cards and meditation together is a great way to learn more about yourself. Tarot cards show us pictures and stories about our feelings and thoughts. Meditation lets us think deeply about these stories in a quiet way. When you use both simultaneously, it’s like going on a journey inside your mind. In short, mixing tarot cards and meditation can be a powerful way to think deeply and learn about yourself. Try it once for meditation and say “yes or no tarot reading” in the comment section!


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