Taking Your Wedding Party Outdoors – Tips & Challenges

A beautiful blue sky and serene nature surrounding you are a perfect idea for celebrating your special day. Outdoor weddings at the beach, resort, or even in your backyard with your special ones have become a very popular idea.

Just deciding location won’t solve your problem. Decorations and catering are the other big challenges that you probably think of. But outdoor wedding preparations come with other pros and cons too. Just scroll down to find out uncalculated challenges and tips.


1. Be Clear On Your Invitation:

Make a guest list on paper and digital mode too. Always provide a complete venue guide with map and transportation options to the location. Your invitation must include all the special instructions like costumes and other belongings (if you opt for a theme wedding). Some venues have rules for pets too. State all the rules on your invitation.

2. Stick to a Budget:

After deciding venue, you need to make a complete list of expenditures on venue bookings, caterers, decorations, tents, and stretch structures. Organizing an outdoor wedding might require a little fluctuation in your budget.

Try to stay within your decided range. Take a tour of your local markets. It gives room for bargaining. Always try to spend less than you decided. Some unwanted expenses may ruin your calculations at last minute.

3. Take Advantage of the Outdoor Scenery for The Décor:

Decorations are the real charmer of your wedding preparations. Flowers, lightings, special theme decors complete a picturesque wedding. Everyone crave for instagramable decors at weddings now. Every event at the wedding is captured. Make a small visit to the venue and think of enhancing natural scenery. This will save you amount that can be used somewhere else.

4. Highlight Lighting:

Outdoor weddings at countryside or open beach at suburbs feels surreal but need a lot of backup. Weddings parties continue till midnight. Thus, lighting decor is required. After sunset, your lightings will be centre of attraction. Keep backup generators and inventors for electricity in case of a power cut. AC, fans, refrigerators, and lights, all required a fair amount of electricity.

5. Make Sure to Have The Proper Infrastructure:

Your guest list will give an idea of the required infrastructure. You must be prepared according to weather conditions. Make a blueprint of structure implantations on the venue map. Note down the requirement for pole tents, stretch structures, frames, and wedding marquees. All these infrastructures can be rented online. These temporary structures are easy to install and remove.


1. Planning Difficulties:

Any event comes with difficulties of its own. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to finalize your venue, menu, decors, and even a guest list. Be gentle with your partner and compromise on the things that don’t need you so much energy. Sit together and start planning every department together. You can split your responsibilities with complete trust in each other. This will keep you sane till the wedding day.

2. Weather Concerns:

Weddings can be ruined by the weather. Always be prepared for specific allergens, rain, storm, hot weather, etc. Check the weather forecast before finalizing the wedding date. Outdoor weddings need extra preparations for such pitfalls. An open atmosphere might cause difficulties due to sudden weather changes. Check out the online reviews of people on outdoor weddings along with their experiences due to sudden weather changes at your decided venue.

3. Unwanted Critters:

Beautiful ponds, riversides, lakes, and beaches also have small creatures inside and outside water. You might not think of it, but critters, mosquito’s, flies, bees, and all such insects can turn out to be a big headache. Be prepared for all kinds of repellents and other ointments. Many people have posted pictures that show these tiny creatures ruining all the setup.

4. Backup Plans:

Always make a plan B in case of any sudden mishap. Just like a pandemic, several natural calamities can ruin all your preparations. Of course, you need to make this day your best one, but nature has its plans. Be ready with an idea of an indoor or small intimate wedding in case of any such unwanted conditions. Your every move needs to be strategic and well-calculated to make this event blissful and successful.

5. Allergies:

If you are planning your wedding near some forest of fields with plantations, be prepared for certain allergies that might occur due to plants, insects, and pollens. Make a list of the menu item that have probable allergic items. Keep an alternate food and drink item option for your guests. Most people have become very conscious of their food and drinks, and many have turned vegan. Keep these small details in consideration and plan accordingly. These small gestures will be remembered by your guests.

6. Uneven Ground:

Outdoor wedding means, big backyards, fields, beaches, and grounds. All these outdoor locations come with the common problem of uneven surfaces. Be prepared to tackle this natural problem. Note down all the possible solutions to adjust your tents and other stretch structures accordingly. Tell your guests to carry alternate pairs of footwear along with them to avoid uneasiness while walking on sand or uneven ground. Elderly people are prone to injuries due to these small natural hindrances. Guide them and be prepared to commute them properly.

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About the Author: Brandon Simons is a hard-working Professional with a degree in Event Planning. Apart from her daily job, she loves working in the Event Industry. She has been working with Marble Structures for some time now. Brandon Simons Keeps up with the event trends and loves event blogging and makes sure that her lifestyle reflects the same.


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