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Sugar Free Treats for Happy and Healthy Kids

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Doctors have been always advising to have a sugar free diet that will certainly help in having a healthy lifestyle. Your diet with an overdose of sugar will eventually lead to various diseases, including diabetes and others. It is hard to ignore that we live in a sugar-coated world and the journey begins right from the toddler age. As we grow older, we realize the negative impact that sugar puts in our health. So why not raise take care of our kids by giving them sugar free treats that can help them to raise healthy, while for yourself you can get supplements as KRATOM CAPSULES that help keep good health and feel better.

Kids are vulnerable to fast foods and unhealthy snacks that can invite multiple health issues. Parents wish to have healthy kids, and it starts from the food you offer to them. Be it in the morning, lunch or in the dinner, make sure you list down healthy snacks for kids.

Exposure to Eye-Pleasing Ads:

We usually come across food ads which represent foods in a pleasing way to attract an audience, especially kids. Ads of candy bars, cereal and other sugar coated products may look pleasing, but the products are harmful for health. You may not have control over the ads, but can have control over the foods your kids having.

Even though the kids are exposed to such ads, it’s the duty of the parents to materialize the diet and raise them as healthy kids.

Healthy Sugar Free Treats for Kids

One of the major discussions is on the children’s snacks. Dental healthy and obesity are the two major concerns why snacking habits need to be considered. If the diet has a higher volume of sugar, then obesity and dental issues are vulnerable. According to the Department of Health, in Britain more than half of the kids are prone to dental issues. This can be alarming if not considered as a step to stop sugar coated snacks.

Children regular hunt for snacks, especially when they are back from school. So why not give them snacks that will not only fill their stomach, but also provide more calories? List down the best healthy sugar free snacks for children after school, this includes – fruits, salads, Cheddar Cheese with a slice of apple, Bananas, etc. You can add some sweetener in low quantity for inducing them to eat after school.

Strategies to provide Sugar Free Treats for kids:

  • Avoid Bringing Sugar-Filled Foods to Home:

When kids are back from school, they keep hunting for snacks that can fill their appetite. If you’ve any sugary snacks stocked, then they’re bound to eat. So as a responsible parent avoid stocking sugar-filled snacks, instead look for healthy snacks for kids.

  • Set an Example:

As a parent, it is important to set an example by avoiding sugary snacks. It is quite natural that kids learn from their parents. So if you want to have healthy kids growing, then set an example by consuming healthy foods.

  • Offer less Snack Options:

Look for the right healthy snacks, but less in the number. Don’t give your kids too many options by saying, ‘Would you like to have this? Give them right, but limited options. If they’re hungry, they will say yes and have it.

Listing down Some Healthy Snacks for Kids:

  • No Baked Almond Butter Protein Bars:

This healthy snack is generally a favourite one for families. These protein bars do taste like a candy bar, but doesn’t contain any sugar. These protein bars contain ingredients like almond flux and Chia Seeds. The 8 essential amino acids that come along with this bar offer benefits like strengthening bones and joint.

  • Non-Sugar Easy Avocado Pudding:

This chocolate pudding is non-sugar and is highly beneficial for kids. You can add dates and bananas to naturally sweeten the pudding. Both bananas and pudding carry a good percentage of potassium, and is healthy for heart. This avocado is the best healthy sugar free snacks for children after school.

  • Avocado Mango N’ice Cream:

This sugar and gluten free Avocado is rich with foliate, vitamins and potassium. Additionally, there are fruits and greens that offer fiber, which is good for health. This healthy dessert is highly protein rich and will benefit skin and joints.

  • Crack Bars:

Crack Bars are one of the most addictive sugar free treats, and are nourishing and best healthy sugar free snacks for children after school. These bars are packed with healthy nuts made up from unsaturated fats. These fats can help in protecting the heart from stroke.

Apart from above mentioned healthy snacks for kids, there are few other options like:

  • Yogurts
  • Ice Cream
  • Cereals during Breakfast


Sugar free treats are really helpful for kids, especially when served at the right time and amount. As parents, it is important to seek advice from doctors to get the list healthy snacks for kids. Providing right diet and snacks to kids will help them to grow healthy and stay away from fast foods right from the young age.


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