Why Studying In Canada Can Be A Great Advantage

It’s well known that travel and studying abroad are great ways to broaden your mind, increase your employability, and have a wonderful adventure, but there are so many countries to choose from – it can be hard to pick!

Canada is a great country to study in and has loads of advantages, which might be why more and more students every year choose to take up courses there. So, what are the top reasons for studying in Canada?

1) Work While Studying

If you want to supplement your student loans or other income while you’re studying, Canada is a great option, because it permits students to work alongside their studies. This can really help if your finances are tight, and also gives you a flavor of what working in Canada is like – which is ideal if you have plans to do work there in the long term. You’ll be able to make connections and start building a track record while still completing your course!

2) Canada Is Inviting

Canada is very keen for students to come and study there, and also for them to stay long-term. You’re not likely to get kicked out the moment you finish your course; Canada is interested in getting skilled people to stay and work in their country. It’s great that they are so keen to invest in students and the future of their country.

3) It’s Affordable

Canada is a pretty affordable country to live in, and its tuition fees aren’t bad either. There are different options and prices when it comes to studying, with some courses costing around 10,000 CAD per year, but some available at lower prices. The cost of living is lower than in many other top destinations (e.g. Australia, UK), and if you stay away from the pricey cities like Vancouver, you’ll find it easier to keep your expenses down. It’s also worth noting that it isn’t too hard for students to get healthcare covered.

4) It’s Hip And Inclusive

If you’re looking for a progressive country, Canada’s the one for you. With a prime minister who is a feminist, pro-choice, and pro-LGBTQ rights, it’s got a lot to be said for it. Every country has some issues, but for students who are interested in ethics and human rights, Canada’s going to provide an accommodating atmosphere.

5) It’s A Good Way To Get Residence

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a permanent resident in Canada, being a student first is a great place to start. Obviously, it gives you a taste of the country without the commitment of moving there forever, and it also makes it easier to acquire residency if you do find yourself wanting to stay for good. There are several programs in place to make it easier for graduates to start applying for permanent residency, and certain provinces focus particularly on identifying graduates to offer permanent residence to.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to residency, being a student in Canada can still help you obtain a post-graduate work permit. This is usually granted based on how long you studied in the country for; if you’ve done a four-year program, you can often get a four-year work permit. Ideal for getting your foot in the door.

6) Fantastic Universities

Everywhere in the world likes to boast about having good universities, but Canada really does have some amazing institutions. There are high standards for them to meet, and the various universities vary widely in their character, the programs they offer, and the number of students they take. This means you’re bound to find something which suits you, no matter what you’re looking for when it comes to higher education. Canadian universities really are amazing!

If you’re thinking about studying abroad, stop thinking and start doing. The experience offers students from all walks of life incredible insights into other cultures and ways of doing things. Canada, with its bilingualism and friendly, approachable people, is a great place to start for anyone who wants to broaden their horizons. Studying abroad could change the course of your whole future, and it’s a wonderful way to capture the flavor of the country, especially if you’re young, uncertain about your path, and eager to try things!

Author Bio: Lauren Groff is a writer at Paper Fellows educational website. She writes for ESL students and teachers.


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