Strategies To Apply if You Cannot Afford a Car Payment!

If you cannot afford car payments, you might lose your favorite car due to a breach of the contract with the creditor. It gives the creditor, lender, and bank the right to repose the vehicle and auction it so that they can get the money back.

At first, the lender will try to negotiate with you and ask you to clear the payment. Next, they will approach a legal way of taking back the car. So, here are the six best options to tackle this situation and reduce your card installment to make it affordable. 

1. Renegotiate your loan term

If you lower the monthly payment rates by extending the loan payment duration, then this can help you keep your car. Share your situation with the lender, try to be honest, and negotiate the loan terms that would be affordable for you. This could provide much-needed relief, making your car payments more manageable. Reducing the card installment can be a solution for car finance for bad credit, but it can also be an effective interest rate.

2. Refinance the car loan

Reduce the interest rate or get a more extended repayment period for a lower monthly payment rate. Refinancing can provide you with 1% to 2% lower interest rates based on your credit score and current market condition. This could lead to a more stable financial situation, making car payments more affordable.

3. Apply for debt review

You can cut payments by 30% to 40% by opting for a debt review restructure where your debt payments are more affordable. This strategy can lower your total debt payment and include the car installment. You also get legal protection against repossession and consolidated repayment. You can easily track and repay all your debts.

4. Sell the car and settle the account

If you can still not afford your car payment, you can sell the car and settle the account. To remove the debt and the ongoing payment, you can use the money for the sale; otherwise, you must re-due the loan. This could be an opportunity for a fresh start, allowing you to clear your debt and potentially find a more affordable transportation option.

5. Cut unnecessary expenses

You can also reduce car payments by managing unnecessary spending. Go through your monthly expenses, prepare a budget, allocate funds for the necessary items, and cut the costs for the unnecessary ones. This expense can be used to fund your car payment. You have to be very calculative to understand how much extra money you need for the car, and your budget should support it.

6. Additional income

You can find a side hustle that will add to your monthly income. Use this money to manage repayment and to support any emergency funding. You can also look for freelancing opportunities or part-time work, which are pretty rewarding.

How many car payments can you miss?

It’s essential to understand the legal process a bank or lender must follow if you miss a car payment. Based on South African law, a lender can initiate repossession after one missed car payment. However, they must follow a specific legal process. First, you will receive a section 129 Letter of Demand, allowing you to rectify the situation. Many banks will contact the borrower after two or three consecutive missed payments, offering a chance to catch up on payments before repossession is considered. 

Summing it up

Opt for a voluntary surrender, as this is the easiest way to manage your financial crisis, and it won’t also affect your credit score. You can also consult with Swift banker for alternative loan options to address the economic challenges.


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