Some Unbiased Facts About The Bilingual Schools

A school that provides instructions in two languages is known as a bilingual school. Students are basically taught in a second language in addition to their native language. There are many public or private schools around the world that have this kind of education. But if you do not have one in your region, you can enroll your child’s name for online homeschool programs. In today’s time, there are many private online bilingual schools that are also Cognia-accredited.

Further, going along with this article, you will understand clear and unbiased facts about bilingual schools, such as the impact of the bilingual program on children, why it is important, and the different approaches to it. So, let’s move down to learn more about bilingual schooling.

Impact On Children Of Bilingual Schooling

Students who get bilingual language education gain various advantages. For example, a bilingual school can be helpful to students in achieving proficiency in two languages, which is important in this globalizing world. To understand the benefits of it in detail, here are some points.

1] Good Career Opportunities

In the present time, it is crucial to be multilingual if you want a better career opportunity. Knowing more than one language increases your chances of getting a job, as in today’s globalized world, multilingual people are given first priority in various sectors.

2] Increases Cultural Awareness

Promoting bilingual school education can boost intercultural awareness in children because it gives students exposure to understanding different cultures, values, and beliefs. This results in developing empathy and respect for other people from different backgrounds.

3] Cognitive Development

It has been seen that bilingual schooling helps children in cognitive development, such as better problem-solving skills, creativity skills, and critical thinking. Moreover, children who learn bilingual tend to have a broader perspective and good understanding of the world.

4] Enhances Language Skills

Dual language education helps students to have a good hold over two languages which can make them fluent in speaking, writing, and reading both languages.

5] Improved Academic Performance

Bilingual school program enhances students’ academics, especially in areas of reading, writing, and speaking, because it boosts cognitive flexibility and problem-solving skills in children.

Why Is Bilingualism Important?

As the world is becoming more and more interconnected, the need for multilingualism is also increasing. Knowing a single language can leave you behind others in this competitive world. Besides, HRs and managers of multinational companies give more preference to people with bilingual skills than people with knowledge of a single language.

Apart from this, a person who can communicate well across different cultures and regions is considered more appealing. Further, being multilingual enhances the personality of an individual and makes them multi-tasking. Therefore, these facts clearly showcase why bilingualism is important.

Different Approaches To Bilingual School Education

There are five approaches to bilingual education, and each is designed with a specific motive for students to learn the languages in an easy way. Given below are the five methods discussed.

1] Dual Language Immersion

With this approach, students learn two languages receiving roughly 50% of their education in each language. This method aims to develop bilingualism and biliteracy and, at the same time, respect for many cultures.

2] Transitional Dual Language Program

In this method, students learn in their mother tongue at the beginning and gradually switch to instructions in English. The motive is to make students proficient in English with continuing academic progress in their mother tongue.

3] Heritage Language Maintenance

This method aims to help bilingual students to maintain and improve their skills in their native language. Instructions are given in the heritage language, and English language instruction is provided as a secondary language.

4] Proficiency in Bilingual Language

In this, children are given instruction in both languages, but the majority of instructions are given in their native language while also learning English. The aim is to develop the proficiency of students in both languages.

5] One-Way And Two-Way Bilingual Program

One way is for those students who speak a language other than English, whereas two ways are designed for both English-speaking and non-English-speaking students. And all the students are expected to become proficient in both languages.

Top 3 Types Of Bilingual Schools

1] International Schools

These schools provide multilingual training to students with the motive of profession and citizenship abroad. Instructions may be in English, but they can also include other languages such as French, Arabic, Spanish, and Mandarin.

2] Immersion Schools

These schools train students with the aim of exposing them to a language and its culture. Students learn to read, write and talk in the target language through a variety of academic disciplines when instructions are given for at least half of the day in the targeted language.

3] Bilingual Public Schools

Within public school systems, several institutions that provide bilingual programs come under this type of bilingual school. These initiatives can be dual language, transitional, or maintenance bilingual school programs.

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Well, if you have reached here, then I hope you have understood clear and unbiased facts about bilingual schools. Since you came across the impacts of dual language education programs on children, you must have understood its advantages. Apart from this, you saw how and why it is important for students. Other than this, you learned about different approaches to bilingualism and types of bilingual schools. So, hope this article was helpful and knowledgeable to you to make the right decision for a bright future for your child.


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