Dark Side of Digital Era For Student’s Studies

Digital transformation can be understood by how global IP traffic has increased drastically. From 100 GB per day three years back to approximately 1,50,000 GB today, digital learning greatly contributes. Technology has changed the way we used to provide education. It is now more accessible and approachable by students globally.

Earlier, student life was limited to age. On the one hand, where a middle-aged man can learn to program, the students can take up different courses of their choice. The digital transformation has replaced physical classrooms.

Boundaries are not a barrier anymore! But, is this all that looks pretty is real? Well, not everything in the digital land of e-learning is as gloomy as it looks.

Let’s understand how!

How Digital Learning Technologies Affect Students’ Studies?

As an aftereffect of the pandemic, digital learning has paved its way to each town. Towns unaware of the logical algorithms and google notes are now a participant of it like iters.

The major impact of online learning on students:

  • Students don’t play mobile games but read their books on tablets and phones.
  • Students do not have to travel places or live in another city for studies.
  • Students can save on travel, accommodation, and clothes.
  • Parents can look after their kids.
  • Students can revise through their recorded classes and have the flexibility to study anytime.
  • Students can live with their families and have access to healthy and timely food.
  • They can enjoy parties and do extracurricular activities.
  • Along with these benefits students also take benefit of online portals just by searching to write my essay or complete my project etc. for improving their writing skills.

As mentioned above, everything is not gloomy.

What Are The Dark Sides Of eLearning?

“Technology, if not utilized in the right manner, would be nothing but an overpriced distraction.”

The students are becoming highly dependent on electronic devices. From competing theory work to calculating math, all they seek is a phone or tablet.

Let’s discuss the dark sides of digital learning one by one.

Digital Divide of Access

Who does not own a smartphone? Everyone, right. But not all own a laptop or personal computer. That is also right. In this case, a digital divide is created, which leads to the difference in experiencing technology at its best.

Students who own a PC or laptop are experiencing technology far better than those who own a smartphone. The size of the screen, readability, and other features unsupportable on a smartphone hinder the growth to some extent.

Virtual Vs. Real Interaction Gap

Generally, eye interaction has given a pivotal place in learning that hides behind the screen. In physical class, the teacher could see all students, introspect their body language and act accordingly.

However, it’s not possible to look after all in online classes and introspect their body language in the twenties of screens.

Huge Unknown Expenditure

Merely the expenses spent on accommodation, traveling, and eating out may have been reduced, but e-learning doesn’t come easy.

Students need a specific space, strong internet connectivity, and 24×7 electricity to access the high-tech classes online.

Apart from these, maintenance is the main concern of using regularly updated and upgraded devices. Outdated software or online threats can hamper routine work and loss of data.

Distraction On Fingertips

Earlier, when students avoided using smartphones or PCs, now they spend 70% of their time on these devices only.

Social media and online the key factors of distraction are a fingertip away from students. Often, students switch to another tab to check the notifications or get lost in finding the correct answer.

Unreliable Sources Misguide

Students received various assignments and projects. Many students use books and read journals, while others use the internet to complete them. Unaware of the right method to research, students are misguided by several unreliable resources.

They end up either citing wrong information or puzzled as to what to do. Further, the ability to identify, understand and interpret the information, students escape practicing these skills as readymade content is available on one or another website.

Abduction Of Time

Just sit with Facebook or YouTube open, and time flies like smog in the air.

Furthermore, the flexibility of taking classes anytime, anywhere is making the process of learning lazy. Students wake up just a minute before the class, switch off the video, roam around, or waste time playing games on another phone.

They think 24 hours all here, but in reality, they keep procrastinating priority tasks every day.

Elimination Of Writing Habit

The students find it easier to type on a phone laptop than write on paper. Their habit of writing assignments and coursework is decreasing day by day. As a result, handwriting is getting worse than ever.

Not writing also has adverse effects on students. First, it has slowed down their thinking process, and second, they are losing their existing writing skills as online tools correct it all.

Pomp And Show

Being online is a typical process now. Students get influenced by various online videos and start imitating them.

For instance, showing how they are making fools of their online classes or cheating online. Further, they are more inclined to how they look on-screen. Due to all this, somewhere, the objective of online studies has vanished.

Final Words

Although time and technology are changing at a quick pace, you shouldn’t lose hope. Aware of the dark side of technology, you can find the right way. Since the problem is here, the solution is also within oneself. You need to understand who should control who. By understanding the need for technology, you can save time and space for your personal life. After All, machines are not as capable as human beings. Therefore you should strive to comply with the purpose of our lives, and technology can be a helping hand in this process. Stay connected with us for more informative content like this.


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