Show your love by writing a letter to your child

If you are a dad or mom surely you must wonder how your child would be twenty years from now. What he/she would be doing, where they would be, whether they would remember you and so on? The best way to be in touch with your child and to be a part of their lives forever is by writing a letter to your child. A letter that you wrote to your daughter or son would definitely be an important part of their life and it would serve as a tangible reminder.

Encouraging letters to kids stay with them all their lives and the best part is that they can take them out and look at them whenever they want some reassurance or some love. Children may grow up, move out but they will always hang on to your words and treasure those words however few. As they make their journey through their lives, good words from you will make a whole lot of difference. It is up to you, to share your heart with them. It would probably take you only a few minutes to write down some words, but it will stay with your children forever.

Writing a letter to your child in this fast paced life

We all know how fast paced the world is today. Most homes, both parents work and struggle to spend some quality time with their kids. In such times, writing a letter to your child is a great way to personalize your way of staying in their lives, even if you do not get much time as such. It helps you stay in connection. While they are busy with their studies, computer, television and friends; this would be a lovely way to maintain family values. Frankly speaking, it doesn’t all have to be serious and full of advice. In fact, young children love it if you make it fun and entertaining. Small notes in their school bags or lunch boxes are some excellent ideas too. It lets them know that you are thinking about them; makes them feel important and loved. This kind of creativity pushes them too. It would inculcate writing skills as well as some innovative thinking in them too. You do not have to limit it only to a letter to a child from parents. You could even ask their aunts and uncles or their grandparents to pitch in. Why, even the Tooth Fairy or Santa could leave notes under the pillow and see an excited kid in the morning.

Writing a letter to your child when they are teens

Things are comparatively easy when your child is young. It’s easy to influence them, entertain them and talk to them. But once they enter their teens there is every possibility that they push you away and start rebelling. That sweet cute little kid, who used to hang on to every word of yours, wouldn’t be as cute anymore. It certainly hurts! It becomes very difficult to maintain a relationship and to talk them to at all. You should realize that there are several external factors that make your teen behave like this. But even in such situations, the best way to get through to them is by writing a letter to your child. Sometimes it is easier to put words on paper rather than talk in person. You should understand that this is a very insecure stage for your child. A few words of encouragement would go a long way for them. You were a teen too once; think about the stuff that you would have liked to talk or know about. Encourage them in their studies, congratulate them if they have achieved something and console them if they’ve not done well in something. Your goal is to be a part of their lives without embarrassing them.

You ought to remind them that they should never make compromises; that they need to push themselves to achieve. But if they fall, they should know that you are right beside them. Let them know that it is okay to fail at times – that this is just a lesson to try harder. Let them know that you are on their side no matter what. If you sit down and talk to your teenage son/daughter they probably might not respond so well. But such inspirational words on paper are actually more effective.

The basic idea behind encouraging letters to kids is to let them know that you love them and to inculcate good values in them. These would be words that they would cherish for life. So let your pen talk to them!


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