Providing Safe Outdoor Play Options at Home

Kids love to play outdoors, and being a parent, it is our job to provide them safe playing options to let them grow and make memories to cherish when they grow up.

Besides making memories, outdoor playing is essential for your child in many ways. For instance,

  • Playing outdoors is vital for mental and physical growth.
  • Children explore the world on their own. They learn from their surroundings
  • They become extrovert- they can connect with the outer world.
  • They learn new skills.

Playing outdoors is absolutely essential, but it comes with hidden dangers that cannot be overlooked. So, it is crucial to take precautionary measures. Whether your child is playing in your backyard or they are playing in the public playground, a parent should ensure that they are safe from any harm.

If your kids play in the lawn, trim the grass and trees regularly, clean the garden and remove objects that can hurt your child. Additionally, lock the doors so that they do not go out in your absence.

If you are a parent and wonder how to keep your children engaged with safe outdoor playing options, you can count on the suggestions we provide in this article. The article highlights safe playing options for kids of all ages – from a toddler to School going children.

We have come up with some options that ensure the safety of your child while letting them explore their garden and bringing out their creativity while they play. These are;

Outdoor Safe Playing Options for a Baby

Taking your baby outdoors in your backyard or the common playground makes them learn about different surroundings. It also makes him more comfortable with the happenings around him. Some options for the safest outdoor play options for your little angel include:

  • Take a blanket, towel, or a picnic rug and lie down your baby on it, and give them time to enjoy the view and sunlight. However, young the child, they will love their time in the sun. Let them move their arms and legs and get some exercise.
  • You can also let your baby crawl on the grass. Make sure that all obstacles are removed before you do so.
  • Let the baby watch the leaves of the trees and moving branches and listen to the chirping birds.
  • Point out the colorful cars if those can be seen from the fence of your garden.

Safe Playing Options for Toddlers

Toddlers love to inspect the world and its surroundings. Some of the safest outdoor playing options for your toddlers are;

  • You can throw the ball and ask your little one to chase it.
  • Take out their favorite toys and play with them on a mat or carpet. Don’t worry about carpet cleaning, a dirty carpet will be cleaned or replaced, but the time your child will spend out in the sun is irreplaceable.
  • You can engage your hyperactive toddler in running or jumping activities around the trees or plants. You can make them splash in puddles and get a feel for different textures.
  • Another good option is to make bubbles and blow them in the air. Ask your child to chase them as they float away.
  • You can also encourage your toddler to play in the sand, mud, or small amounts of collected water. However, don’t forget to supervise them to prevent any accidents.
  • Take your child for a nature walk; ask them to collect fallen leaves and flowers, stones, and cones, etc. for a fun day out.
  • Take your kids to the swings; kids love to see-saw and slide; make sure that you are watching them closely because accidents can happen.

Safe Playing Options for Preschool Children

Your preschool children are excited to play with their age fellows. During this phase, you can make them more skillful and more observant by letting them play outdoors and choose their own games. Below are a few safest options for outdoor playing;

  • Play hide-and-seek or catch games with them and their friends.
  • Make them crawl through tunnels, or you can also ask them to climb over fallen trees, if any.
  • Engage them in making mud pies to bring out their creativity.
  • You can also build a cubby house out of boxes, trash baskets, or outdoor play equipment or furniture with them to encourage imagination.

Safe Outdoor Playing Options for your School Going children

A school-going child knows how to play in the ground, they are also involved in sports, but it’s still important to take out time and let him play outside in a park or home. At this age, children still enjoy playing. Here is what you can do:

  • Engage them in building and creating with tools, outdoor furniture, or other items they find outside
  • Play with them hide and seek tiggy, tag, or chasey.
  • Place an outdoor swimming pool so that they can swim and play water games.
  • Ask them to climb trees. Monitor them to avoid any accidents.

Our Verdict

Playing outdoors is essential to the growth and development of your children. Not only is it vital for their physical health, but it also keeps their mind sharp and their heart strong. Therefore, as a parent, you must ensure outdoor playtime for your kids, no matter their age.

If you do not live near a park or a garden, you can take them to a park on the weekends. Being a parent, it is your responsibility to give them a safe playing area outdoors and engage them in safe playing options. The activities mentioned are age-appropriate and safe outdoor playing options for your children.

Besides the above-mentioned tips, running or exercise are vital to a child’s overall mental and physical health. This means that it is essential to encourage your children to become involved in physical sports and activities. However, it is doubly important to educate them about basic safety precautions to keep themselves protected while playing. It is not wrong to say that the right kind of discussion with your children leads to safe outdoor playtime.


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