Recent Trends in the Indian Education Industry

This era of digital learning has revamped the teaching and learning processes forever. From hybrid models to 100% online schooling, India has witnessed a new face of technological advancement. The prominent trends in the education industry have already helped our policymakers to improve the system. And these trends will continue to drive the Indian education industry even in the years to come.

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus created new digital solutions for students and stakeholders. Since then there is no looking back to the outdated and outmoded approaches.

Here’s a look at the recent trends in the Indian education industry that are likely to dominate the upcoming years:

1. Skill Based Learning

In India, 75% of the Indian population is in the ‘employment age’. And in the present times, real-life skills are much more in demand in comparison with scores and grades. Students need to acquire real-life skills to enter the workforce. And this makes way for more tangible experiences within the framework of the formal education system.

One big step in incorporating skill-based learning within the formal education system is the change suggested in the recent education policy. The NPE 2020 focuses on international exposure, cross-sectional, course selection and the inculcation of new-age skills in students. The idea of holistic education proposed in the NPE aims at preparing students to be an asset to the global workforce. And the educational institutions in India are given the necessary layout to support skill building across the levels of education.

Even before the introduction of these changes in our system, this idea was also incorporated into the online curriculum followed in accredited online schools. Quality education provided at these new-age schooling platforms aims at developing skills that are helpful in one’s career path.

2. Virtual Learning

The global online education industry has boosted educational opportunities for students without any barriers. Online schooling or virtual learning programs have created new ways of teaching and learning through technological advancement. Today, a student need not relocate, spend lots of money, or travel just for the sake of quality education. With only a stable internet connection and a device, the best educational opportunities can be explored. Online education industry has also supported students by reducing the mammoth cost of good quality education. Most renowned institutions are serving students without any hidden charges or additional fee. Students can eliminate extra costs like travel, accommodation, lots of physical books, and even miscellaneous charges. By utilizing online learning, students not only reduce their financial burden. But also get a chance to take up jobs (enjoy financial independence) and still continue with their education. Virtual learning is certainly a growing trend, here’s an estimate for better understanding:

As per sources, the online education market in India will progress at a CAGR of 19.50% between the years 2022 to 2026. And this market will grow up to $2.28 billion in the above-mentioned period.  

3. Learning through experience

Experiential learning or learning through experience is another trend that’s here to stay. It is not only helpful in retaining concepts. But also improves a student’s problem-solving abilities through creative ways. Online schooling have its own online classroom rules which helps students in building disciplines. This type of learning is also a support to engage students purposefully. In addition, it also makes them more interested in their learning. And they end up being more excited and intrinsically motivated.

Experts have proved a positive connection between doing and understanding. Hence, this new approach to learning has altered the way students learn. Even the most complex topics can be made simple with the help of this new way of building/constructing knowledge. And the best part is that students also have a great time learning through these new approaches.

4. Game-Based Learning

A brilliant way of building the student’s connection with learning is to add game-based elements. Gamification or game-based learning is another trend that has proved effective to engage learners through motivation (reward system etc.). This approach helps in education enjoyable for the students. other than this, it also increases their retention of information. In this digital era, game-based learning has been one of the biggest blessings of innovative technologies. Gamification stimulates the student’s imagination. And improves their overall quality of learning. Game-based scenarios also help in deep understanding that stays with the learner for a very long time. Besides, the rewards attached motivate the learner to keep coming back for more.

5. Customized Learning opportunities

Individualized, personalized, or customized learning is another trend that has picked up in this post-pandemic era. More and more educational solutions such as online schooling and hybrid learning have created numerous opportunities for students to learn as per their individual styles and preferences. Personalized learning helps each student thrive and progress at their own pace. And most visionary platforms (like accredited online schools) have created their educational programs to deliver this level of education. Students in this information age now have access to resources and high-quality material like never before. As a result, they can now make use of their educational opportunities. And make the most of these student-centric trends.

For differently abled and gifted students also this type of learning allows more freedom to decide their pace. This helps in reaching out to students who were not comfortable within the mainstream education system.

Final Thoughts

The pandemic has paved the way for some new and better trends within the education industry. This duration has highlighted the importance of innovative technology to eliminate any potential barriers to learning. From game-based learning to personalized education, our students can now enjoy better educational opportunities through these trends. It is true that in India we still have a long way to go in terms of improving educational opportunities. However, the brighter side is that we are already aware of our challenges. And there is an edge in adopting the best practices of the most advanced education systems of the world to overcome our shortcomings. As we move ahead the recovery phase of the pandemic, there is hope that these emerging trends will support our system at the grassroots level.


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