Pursuing a Career in Education

Making a difference in the lives of others while reaching and realizing your full potential sounds impossible. However, when you pursue a career in education, this is exactly what you get the chance and the opportunity to do. As a teacher, you get to shape and form the lives of people and children. You get to be a positive influence in their lives, and you get to enhance what they know and what they learn. Teaching is a rewarding career, and the rewards that you get back are not something that you can put a price on. 

Is a Career in Education Right for You?

Teaching is challenging, and trying to get a classful, or even a handful, of students to learn what you are teaching them can leave you wanting to pull your hair out. However, as stressful as teaching may be at times, it is also very rewarding. It allows you to enhance your life and your experiences too. A career in education is not something for the fainthearted, however, it is one of the most life-changing careers you could ever embark on. A career in education allows you the opportunity to reach your full potential. It also gives you the chance to reach out to others. A career in education is right for you if you want to positively make a difference in the lives of others.

Hello…. Education Is Calling!

When you know that you want to be a teacher, you need to answer the call as soon as possible. There is always a strong demand for teachers, and this is likely to increase as education becomes more important and essential to the lives of everyone. If you do not answer the call to teaching or education, then you may miss your opportunity, and you may lose your chance to take your experience and knowledge into a classroom. 

Expectations and the Reality

There are expectations that teachers have long summer vacations and that they start work at 9 and finish at 3. In reality, this could not be further from the truth. Teachers are dedicated to their craft, and this can often mean planning lessons, marking, and preparing even into the early hours of the morning or even late into the night. As the expectations often do not match up to the reality, you can find that new teachers can often be left disillusioned about the expectations and about what role they play. To ensure that you are physically and mentally ready for teaching, you need to quash those expectations. Teaching will be enjoyable, and it will be immensely rewarding, but it will not be a 9-3 term-time position. Once you have accepted this and dealt with it, you are then in a position to begin moving forwards positively.

Taking Your Passion for Learning and Fun to the Classroom

Quite often, education for children can be boring or a bit mundane, and this all comes down to the teacher and the atmosphere in the classroom. You have a passion for learning and education, and this is why you got into teaching. It is crucial that you take this large bundle of enthusiasm and passion into the classroom each and every day. If you do not have oodles of enthusiasm or get up and go, then your students will struggle to engage with the class (especially the little ones), and this, in turn, may then make your job just that little bit harder.

Deciding What Age-group or Topic to Teach

When it comes to pursuing a career in education, you need to think about what age group of students you want to teach. For example, if you are full of energy and life, then little students would probably be the best option for you. However, if you are after a more relaxed and possibly even laid-back way of teaching, you may find older students or mature students work the best for you. Making the decision and then making the commitment as early on as possible will make the whole decision-making process that little bit easier.

Focusing on Your Education

Even though you will be focusing on educating students and learners, you still need to take into account your own education. Improving and then enhancing your education is necessary. When you focus on your education (just as much as your learners/students), you can then ensure that you are doing your best and that you are giving 100% to every lesson. When it comes to enhancing your education, you need to look at where your areas for improvement or areas of weakness lie. For example, if you know that you want to brush up on your grammar skills, then focus on this. When you are open and committed to enhancing your own education, you ensure that you are dedicated to education in all of its guises.

Having an Impact on Young Learners

Young learners and young students need positive role models in their lives. To have a positive influence, you have to make an impact. Young learners are keen and eager to learn, and if you do not make the right impression on them, you could struggle to increase their level of engagement. When you have an impact on the lives of young learners, you help to shape and grow their future and their potential in a positive and constructive way.

Delivering Engaging Content

Learners and students of any age have to be engaged. If your content or delivery is not as engaging as it should be (or could be), then you will struggle to make a difference in the lives of your students. As a teacher or a person within an education role, it is important that you impact the lives of your students. If your delivery of content or if the content itself is lackluster, then you need to make changes as quickly as possible. If you do not make changes, and if your content is flat, then you might also struggle to realize your full potential and achieve your goals.

Developing Your Skill Set

The skills that you have will help to shape you into a better teacher. Of course, when you first start out in teaching, you have to expect that there is room for improvement and for growth. When you accept this, you can then begin to strengthen those areas of weakness. For example, if delivery is something you are struggling with, you may find it beneficial to practice on those around you. When you look at your skillset and you are honest with yourself, you can then push forwards and begin turning yourself from an OK teacher into an excellent teacher.

Making Learning Fun, Interesting and Exciting

Where possible, learning needs to be fun (especially for those young learners). When a lesson or the content being discussed is more fun, children and learners of all ages will find it easier to remember and possibly even to memorize. To make learning interesting, exciting, and fun, you need to think about what your students want and like. Tailoring your lessons and even your content to them will help them to learn in a relaxed environment and setting.

Learning New Techniques and Methods

Throughout your career in education, you will quickly realize that there is always room for improvement. There are lots of ways to learn, and there are lots of techniques and methods that you can apply that will help you improve how you teach. Being open to these new techniques and new methods will help you grow into your role. If you are closed off to learning, then you may struggle to get the best out of yourself and your students.

Looking towards the Future

If you start out your career in education as a teacher, it does not mean that you will stay as a teacher or that you should settle if you want more. Within teaching and within education, there are also opportunities in leadership that may appeal to you later down the line. When you study for an MBA Management program, and you get involved within the leadership side of education, you realize quickly that you can make a huge impact on the lives of many students, and perhaps not just a few. Future plans do not have to be set in stone, however, if you look towards the future and invest in your education and your development, then who knows how far you will go? Perhaps you’ll even go as far as obtaining an Ed.D degree. What is Ed.D? This type of degree is a doctoral degree in education focused on educational leadership that can help you become a superintendent, academic dean, or even a college president.

Encouraging Lifelong Learning

When you pursue a career in education, you commit to lifelong learning. You commit to making a difference in the lives of others, and you also commit to being the best educator that you can be. Learning does not just start and end when you enter a classroom, and this is something that you need to remember and that you need to instill in your students. When you encourage lifelong learning, you can be sure that you are achieving your full potential and that your students are too.


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