Power Through the Negativity: Promoting Positive Home Electrical Safety Habits with Kids

A large part of a parent’s duty is to ensure kids know the dangers in the world around them. Even though we use it daily in multiple applications, electricity is one of the most dangerous things children are exposed to. This fact makes creating positive electrical safety habits for kids a necessity.

Below, you’ll find some helpful advice built to illuminate your children’s electrical safety habits.

Teach Kids About Electricity and Its Dangers

Kids are naturally curious. As parents, you can take advantage of this and teach them the basics of electricity. Tailor it to your child, and don’t forget their attention span! You know your kid the best and will know when they comprehend.

An Example of a Kid-Friendly Explanation

Everything in the world is made up of atoms. These are tiny particles made from even smaller particles called protons and electrons. Each of these carries a charge to attract the other. When electrons move from one atom to another, this movement creates energy. Scientists discovered this fact and then found a way to generate electricity and then capture and store it for later powering our homes.

Scientists also discovered that when electricity is generated, it can be transported through wires and used by more people. Mechanical, chemical, and physical movement can disrupt electrons, cause them to move between atoms, and create electricity. The generated electricity is then sent through transformers to be made usable in residences and delivered to our homes through our electrical panel, which is distributed through the circuits in the house.

You can also use sources like the Electrical Safety Foundation to help you explain. They have lessons tailored to kids teaching about electricity. There are also helpful videos on the internet, or if you know a great science teacher or electrical professional, you might ask for their advice. And don’t forget the importance of explaining why electricity is dangerous!

Establish Rules About Electricity and Electrical Devices

Explaining what electricity is will not be enough. Discuss the dangers with your kids, and set up guidelines for safe electrical use.

Dangers of Electricity

Be sure to educate your children that even though we use electricity daily, it can still be dangerous. Electrical shocks, the risk of fire, and electrocution should be explained in a way that makes sense for your child. Give a realistic picture of the concerns and the risks. While doing so, use this as a starting place to teach kids about the habits of electrical safety.

Shockingly Easy Electrical Safety Habits

These habits are common sense to adults, and you should teach kids what they are and how they keep you safe so they can also form safety habits for themselves. If you know they have electrical safety habits, you know they are safer, which is helpful when you want to sleep at night. Teach things like:

  • Keep objects and fingers out of outlets
  • Never play with or chew on electrical cords
  • Keep electrical devices away from water
  • Unplug by pulling the plug from the outlet. Never tug at cords
  • Do not stick metal items in a toaster or microwave
  • Ask for help with electronics
  • Avoid cords or devices that show signs of damage
  • Don’t touch lightbulbs or fixtures
  • Don’t leave something plugged in when not in use

Another thing you can do is find an online resource, like a video, that shows exactly what kids should avoid with electricity. For some kids, this might be needed so they can see it and not just have to hear and remember. It is also essential that you not only tell your kids what to do but also show them when you practice these electrical safety habits.

Take Precautions in the Home

In addition to educating your kids, you should still ensure you have taken safety precautions with the electrical throughout your house. Child-proofing will help make your home’s electrical less dangerous. Some safety practices are also required to meet National Electrical Code standards. Make sure that you have taken the time to:

  • Install tamper-resistant outlets
  • Keep cords out of the way
  • Replace any damaged wiring
  • Keep electronics where they are out of reach
  • Install GFCI outlets in proximity to water sources
  • Always unplug when you’re finished using a device
  • Get a yearly electrical inspection

Anything that you can do to help kids be safe around electricity is something that you should be doing. Accidents are always possible, and electricity is unpredictable, so take as many precautions as possible.

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Sparking Habits in Kids to Protect Them for a Lifetime

By teaching kids about electricity and its dangers and promoting safe use of it, you are giving your kids habits that will last a lifetime. Even though we can harness it to be used as we wish, electricity is still dangerous and unpredictable and should be treated with a healthy respect.

Keep them safe by teaching them electrical safety habits they can use for a lifetime!


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