What Is Good In Physical Education In High School?

The problem of low physical activity of children and adolescents has never been more acute than today. This is due to many factors, but the dominant is the general enthusiasm of students in computer games and social networking. The time that parents of modern children spent in outdoor games, the current younger generation spends in front of a computer. The lack of physical activity in this case is so severe that 2-3 physical lessons per week may seem like a drop in the ocean, which is not capable of affecting the physical development of students. And if you still recall the frequent tragic cases during the hitting a qualifying standard, the question arises: why do we need physical education in high school? Maybe it is better to exclude this subject from the school program? We propose to find out whether a sport is necessary for a teenager and what are its benefits together with the experts of Pro-Papers. Read our article to learn more about the role of sports in the life of students and the importance of physical education in high school.

For normal physical development, the growing body needs to move a lot and in different ways, preferably in the open air. This provides an active blood circulation, a sufficient supply of oxygen to all organs, which creates the best conditions for the harmonious development of all body systems.

With the beginning of school life, the natural physical activity peculiar to children is sharply limited. Instead of outdoor games in the open air, they have to sit for a long time, first at the lectures in the stuffy classrooms, and then at home, doing their homework. Active movements in the breaks between classes and on weekends help to compensate for the harm of a long stay in a static posture.

However, modern realities are that the majority of children remain inactive in their spare time, preferring to passive leisure activities. And the older a teenager, the less time he/she spends on physical activity. The reason for the mass character of this phenomenon, first of all, is the active enthusiasm for digital technologies and insufficient parental control. Unfortunately, not all parents understand how strongly the physical development of adolescents depends on regular physical activity. The poor diet of modern adolescents, leading to obesity is also a big problem. Overweight students are generally not active. This further aggravates their physical development lag.

The low level of physical culture of the majority of the population is a consequence of the attitude to the teaching of this subject in high schools. Parents who have learned since childhood that the physical education is something unimportant, will bring up a dismissive attitude towards the physical education in their children.

After graduation, very few people will benefit from the knowledge of the integrals or chemical formulas, but awareness of the need for regular physical activity and the use of healthy lifestyles will help to make the life of any person healthier, longer and more favorable.

The reasons why parents want to get an exemption from physical education at school for their child can be different: from concern for his/her health to unwillingness to spoil the certificate with low grades. But at the heart of each of these reasons is a poor physical development and health problems that prevent students from enjoying their classes and their success in physical education classes. But in fact, for such students, physical activity is even more necessary than for those who do not have such problems.

Systematic, well-chosen physical exercises along with proper nutrition can work wonders. This statement is true for everyone, especially for adolescents, because a growing body is most susceptible to the beneficial effects of physical education.

The positive importance of sport and physical education in the life of teenagers is enormous.

Strengthen health. Being engaged in physical activity, first of all the teenager strengthens health. In all systems of the body and organs, oxygen and blood circulate better. All the muscles of the body, exercise regularly and function perfectly. Sports allow the teenager to become more enduring.

Many doctors consider physical exercise to be the best natural remedy for depression, relieving arousal and muscle softening. They help to strengthen health, prolong life.

Moreover, the heart of a child needs constant tension, otherwise its muscular system gets fat, becomes sluggish, loose, incapable of strong contractions, poorly provides tissues, especially peripheral organs, with oxygen. Regular exercises strengthen the muscles of the person, including the heart muscle.

Form the character and willpower. Sport forms a strong-willed character of a teenager, changing him/her for the better. Will, as well as the desire to win, endurance, the ability to overcome obstacles, not to be afraid of defeat are developed. The willpower formed in the process of sports activities can overcome all negative habits and traits, as well as create a strong personality from a teenager that can achieve a lot.

Lay the fixation on success. Sport and success are interrelated concepts. If a teenager wants to learn how to set goals and achieve them – the sport will teach it. In addition, sports provide an opportunity to receive all that is needed for life, even if there are no hopes and opportunities.

Discipline. Teenagers who play sports are more organized and disciplined. And these are important qualities for achieving success in studies and other areas of life.

As you can see, physical education in high school helps to compensate for the lack of physical activity, vital for the student. Both the childhood and adolescence lay the basis for life. Therefore, instead of getting the sickness certificate to avoid physical exertion, make efforts in this direction to get a good health and excellent physical form, which is an immeasurably more valuable reward.


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