Nonprofits Eligibility Requirements of Google for Education

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

– Nelson Mandela

Education is a powerful concept, there are thousands of quotes mentioning the importance of knowledge. Education is a turning point for most civilizations, the deciding factor between those that continue on their path and those that go for different possibilities.

Providing education to those in need is a noble cause and is in dire need of support. Luckily, this support can come from the public, a sponsoring company, or even nonprofit benefactors like Google.

Google is constantly making efforts to support nonprofits through a functioning workspace, ad grants, and many more. If you belong to a nonprofit that hopes to bring education (or any help) to those in need then you may want to consider Google for Nonprofits.

What Google Can Do for Your Nonprofit

As mentioned, Google helps out those in need and those that want to help. This is accomplished by several different efforts that range from running the actual nonprofit to even marketing the cause.

Before we discuss the eligibility of a nonprofit for the application you should know the kind of help Google can provide. Google for nonprofits support is not what most people imagine, most people would expect a giant company like Google to simply throw money and leave.

On the contrary, the kind of support provided is proudly shown on their website.

Google provides nonprofits with:

  • A functioning workspace
  • Marketing
  • Additional Youtube Features
  • Satellite and Mapping Services

1.   A Functioning Workspace

Most people are aware of Google Drive and all the efficiency it provides in terms of work-related projects. Google Drive provides you with online digital storage for an array of different files. These may include videos, documents, or even timetables.

If it comes in a virtual format then it can probably be stored on Google Drive. Not only does this workspace hold files for you it also lets you create your own. You can work on a document while it is being updated in the drive folder so that other people can access it.

This function lets multiple people work on one document simultaneously. This is a great function if one person was lagging and preventing everyone else from accessing the file. Others may continue to work on the file regardless of one person’s lag.

There are plenty more functions that Google Drive has but all in all it’s about creating a place for you and your team to work. Just because you are a voluntary group doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to the best tools around.

2.   Marketing

A successful nonprofit is determined by many things, the cause being supported, the impact created, the awareness raised, or and even the support gathered. Many things can make a nonprofit “successful” but a big struggle in terms of running a nonprofit is gathering supporters.

These supporters can be companies, schools, government branches, or even random citizens. These are people that want to help the nonprofit help the cause and are often the blood that keeps things running.

No matter how noble your cause or how ingenious your approach is, you need people to back you up. You can only get these people if they hear of your nonprofit and your cause.

Google provides marketing strategies and other ways to simply get the word out there. Targeting people that belong to a specific niche and may be interested in helping out in their ways.

An example of Google marketing would be Ad grants, this is a certain budget that is provided depending on your needs. With this budget, you can bid for advertisement spots on various sites and attract people.

If you’ve been in the marketing business, you know that advertisements don’t come cheap and most charge per letter. Having an Ad grant will help your nonprofit achieve contested advertisement spots while focusing your funds on the actual cause.

3.   Additional YouTube Features

YouTube is the go-to place for videos on cats, memes, educational lessons, and essentially anything under the sun. If Google and YouTube recognize you as a nonprofit, they can allow you to access additional features.

These features will help direct traffic your way and let your nonprofit gain more supporters. An example of these features would be having a short description directly beside the video. Most videos have a description box at the bottom of the video that people rarely open.

Having your nonprofit’s description directly beside the video allows more eye on your cause. Also, you can have a button that links directly to your website or a donation.

4.   Satellite and Mapping Services

Different nonprofits make use of different tools. Some nonprofits need maps or location services to different parts of the world for this Google can be of service. Google Earth and Google Maps are great programs that help millions of people navigate the world.

Having Google support your cause may provide you with the navigation service you need. Other than getting directions, Google can also plot donors, goals, or even your nonprofit’s programs on a map for others to see.

Letting all of your supporters and those interested be updated with how everything is going. Allowing them to breathe freely knowing that their support went to the right place.

Google maps can create custom maps for your nonprofit to suit its needs. If you need anything that relates to navigation, maps, or even simple plotting then Google is right there.

Eligibility Requirements of Google

Now that you are aware of the different kinds of help they provide, you may be wondering what the thousands of requirements are?

To put it simply Google only has a few criteria that your nonprofit needs to pass to get all of the aforementioned help

  • A nonprofit charitable organization in good standing
  • Meet the full eligibility requirements of your country
  • Not a governmental entity or organization
  • Not a hospital or healthcare organization
  • Not a school, academic institution, or university (Google for Education offers a separate program for schools)

1.   Good Standing and Meeting the Country’s Requirements

This is simply to help Google know that you are a legitimate nonprofit that won’t scam anyone. Good standing means that your nonprofit is free of scandals, slander, or hasn’t betrayed your supporters.

Betraying your supporters would have Google as an accomplice and that would be bad for them and every other nonprofit they support. The full eligibility requirements for your country vary. This is a lot of nitty-gritty details that you can check out on their support page.

Essentially, all you need for the first two requirements are to be a good nonprofit that is recognized by your country.

2.   Not a Governmental Entity or Organization

Politics is a controversial topic that involves a lot of people and a lot of grey areas. Google for Nonprofits is all about helping those in need. Helping people without a debate or having a side getting hurt is usually achieved by independent organizations.

Additionally, a governmental organization will most likely have access to government funding making Google for Nonprofits unnecessary.

3.   Not a Hospital or Healthcare Organization

This is for many reasons like insurance policies, other sources of funding, or even political reasons. For whatever reason Google has, they simply require their nonprofits to not be a hospital or a healthcare organization.

This requirement generally leaves a lot of spots open for more overlooked nonprofits. Organizations that aren’t dedicated to blood drives or for funding research. Such health-related causes are noble but usually outshine other causes.

If your nonprofit isn’t a healthcare entity or such then this means you have a great opportunity to have Google support you. Especially if your nonprofit is targeted towards education, you can make use of all of the features and benefits that Google for Nonprofits has for you.

4.   Not a School

This requirement is quite direct, you can’t be a school but that doesn’t mean you can’t be for education. Education comes in many shapes and sizes and if your nonprofit is in the form of a school then you might want to look up the eligibility requirements of Google for Education.

If the education your nonprofit aims for is not in the shape of the school then you may still pass the requirements. Just double-check if your group should apply to Google for Nonprofits or to Google for Education. Either way, both are great help for those who want to improve the world.

Key Takeaways

Google for Nonprofits provides an array of features and help to nonprofits out there. This is a continuous kind of help so make sure to apply if you meet the requirements. Although the benefits of Google for Nonprofits are a lot, the requirements aren’t that much.

Applying to Google for Nonprofits is free and there is no reason why you shouldn’t shoot your shot. If your nonprofit wants to help people then maybe Google can help you achieve that. Whether it be by providing education or raising awareness a noble cause deserves noble support.


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