NBA League Pass: Watch Live Games And Highlights

The National Basketball Association, popularly known by the acronym NBA and NBA league, has a long history from 1949 to date.  It has grown and expanded to the extent of being one of the most followed leagues in terms of fanbase globally, in the United States and Canada.  The rivalry between powerful NBA teams is taking the shape of what is usually witnessed in the football world, such as hotly contested derbies and competition between stars. 

Great basketballers like Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and LeBron James, who recently broke Abdul’s record as the NBA athlete with the highest points ever in NBA history, continue lighting the game.  You need to have your NBA League Pass to catch up with these NBA stars and all matches.

What is the NBA League Pass?

A matchday in the NBA is a significant day in the United States and Canada and for NBA fans worldwide. Like in the football world, where fans come out to cheer their teams in their club’s jerseys, so it is in the NBA. If you have yet to acquire your favorite NBA team’s jersey, Mitchell and Ness NBA Shorts will provide all you need to cheer your team in style. Otherwise, NBA League Pass will come through for you when you cannot be in attendance.

Just in case you don’t know what NBA League Pass is, it refers to NBA’s B2C (business to consumer) live and on-demand matches subscription program. NBA League Pass comes in various packages that accommodate different needs and budgets.

The routine NBA League Pass package used chiefly in the U.S. and Canada is the most widely used. Furthermore, there is an international package used by NBA enthusiasts across the globe to stream live matches or watch beautiful highlights.

Every fan should know and deal with two challenges with the NBA League Pass to avoid missing their games. The first one is the global availability problem. Some countries are restricted from accessing the NBA League Pass subscriptions.

So, before securing your subscriptions, check the global NBA League Pass availability to be sure your country is not in the blocked category. Fortunately, employing a virtual private network (VPN) can help bypass geographical limitations.

NBA League Pass Blackout

Apart from geographical blocklisting, another problem common in the United States is the NBA League Pass blackout.

Live match blackout is typical in sports and can be due to various factors, mainly broadcasting rights. At the start of each NBA season, local as well as national broadcasting stations acquire the rights to televise live NBA matches. These exclusive broadcasting rights tend to weed out every other non-authorized outlet to televise these matches. Unfortunately, even the NBA League Pass is weeded out in the defined area.

A good example is when local television networks in Los Angeles acquire exclusive rights to televise live NBA matches in LA, and NBA League Pass cannot access these matches in the LA region. Instead, these matches are available on demand three hours later on your NBA League pass platform.

However, the game’s beauty is when you watch it live and go through the high and low moments before the final whistle is blown. Think of an exhilarating match like the one between the Chicago Bulls and their bitter rivals, the Atlanta Hawks, on March 1, 2019, which saw a consecutive tie of 124 points, 147 points, and 155 points after the first, second, and third overtime, respectively, before the Bulls pulled out an elusive win. An international package can enable you to bypass regional NBA League Pass blackouts.

Unique Features of NBA League Pass

1. Exclusive Access to Live and On-demand Games

The first, most apparent, and most important feature of NBA League Pass is that it grants you exclusive access to live matches. If you miss a game for a pressing reason, you can follow later and catch every minute, unlike those who can only access highlights on YouTube, for instance.

2. NBA Feeds

News and feeds beyond match day activities mean a lot for game lovers. Special activities around the NBA or individual players outside the game are an excellent way to build community and appreciate the athletes beyond the few minutes spent in the arena. The NBA League Pass package grants you access to such feeds and more.

3. Customizable Features

Understanding that various users need different accessibilities to enjoy their programs, the NBA League Pass package has excellent flexibility to enable individual users to customize everything to favor them. These include the ability to navigate through different languages and streaming video quality to suit your unique situations. If you have bandwidth problems, you can adjust to a lower quality to keep enjoying your live match.

4. NBA TV 24/7 Streaming

For TV lovers, the NBA TV 24/7 streaming options are there to give you everything NBA. NBA TV streams lots of exciting NBA activities, including in-depth analyses of games to help you build up your technical appreciation of the game. This is where to find carefully done documentaries and archived games since the 2012/2013 season.

5. Multiple Streaming Offers

The NBA League Pass typically lets you stream games on one device at a time. However, it can allow you to watch multiple games on the web simultaneously with its Multiview options. The Multiview option comes through for you when the big matches coincide. If you upgrade to NBA League Pass premium, the offers become even more exciting—simultaneous game streaming on two devices and access to in-arena content during commercial breaks.


Watching live games and beautiful highlights that one may have missed means a lot to sports lovers. NBA League Pass enables you to have access to live and on-demand matches throughout the NBA season and even of the season. A subscription to NBA League Pass is the only way to ensure you don’t miss any memorable moments before, during, and after the game.


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