MSFT Stock Forecast 2025

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Analysts at TU have prepared an MSFT Price Prediction

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Microsoft shares are often bought for long-term conservative investments. However, before buying them, you should analyze their prospects. Traders Union experts have performed an analysis and prepared an MSFT stock forecast 2025.

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Microsoft is a technological giant, and its shares are in huge demand. This company ensures a rather slow, but stable growth, which is why it is suitable for conservative investments. Many investors wonder if this is going to continue. Experts at the Traders Union have prepared an MSFT Price Prediction. This material lays out a detailed analysis of MSFT securities and, based on it, predicts their prices in the medium and long term.

Fundamental and technical analysis of MSFT

TU experts used fundamental and technical analysis to evaluate the shares. The fundamental analysis data for 2023 suggests that MSFT shares should be bought in moderation. At this point, growth potential is estimated as high, at 20.3%. Interest in short positions is only 0.52%. The assessment of dividend strength is positive.

As far as technical analysis goes, traders’ sentiment is mostly assessed as neutral. No significant price spikes are expected in the next 30 days, so investors should monitor the shares, waiting for a proper entry point.

MSFT prediction in the medium and long term

MSFT price prediction has been developed up to 2034. Prices in the middle and at the end of each year were estimated. Based on the estimates, the share prices will be the following:

  • 2023 (end) – $299
  • 2025 (end) – $398
  • 2030 (end) – $613
  • 2034 (end) – $740.

Therefore, MSFT will be a good solution for conservative investments. It is expected that shares of this technological giant will yield profit and their price will rise gradually.

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