Menu Ideas for Kids’ Parties

Hosting successful kids’ parties is not an easy task to do. You are always on your toes to please them. To make any birthday thrive, one must need to remove the old notion of birthday parties consisting of cake and a simple party. For that, you should look out for different outdoor kid’s party ideas to make your child’s birthday special.

It is that time of the year when you do special stuff for your loved ones. Kids in particular are picky and that makes your task difficult. You have to be creative when it comes to planning your kids’ birthday party. And for that you need to be creative while preparing the menu.

Why to change the menu?

Kids only love food that suits their taste and thus they are picky when it comes to eating it. On top of that, anything which is not presentable is a big no for the kids. Thus, one needs to be select the menu which suits kids’ tastes/diets while also giving them a chance to branch out.

Plan a menu that doesn’t contain saturated fats and sugar as it helps to stop kids from peaking and crashing. Devise a list of food that can be made at home and which needs to be purchased keeping your time and abilities in mind.

The following is a compilation of some interesting menu ideas that will make your kids’ birthday party a successful event. Don’t worry they are the same old recipe with some different approaches to presenting the same. 

Healthy and Fun Ideas

  • Mini tacos: It is the same old taco but in a miniature form. You can experiment with a variety of fillings that kids love. You can also create a fun game of making mini tacos of your own.
  • Rainbow pizzas: Everyone loves pizza. And you can get innovative by using different vegetables and toppings to create a colourful flavour sensation.
  • Kebabs: Kids can make their own kababs. You just need toppings that are precooked such as lunch meat, cheese, and veggies. It is a healthy and fun activity to perform.
  • Frozen yoghurt popsicles: Frozen yogurt popsicles are best for summer parties. You can make your own by purchasing a popsicle maker set.
  • Zucchini slice or mini quiches: Zucchini slices and Mini quiches are a great way to get the kids to eat veggies. Prepare a healthy filling including all the nutritious veggies. They look and taste great; thus, kids will love them.
  • Chopped veggies and dip: It is one of the great ways to make your kids enjoy eating veggies. You just need some properly chopped carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, etc.  with different flavoured dips that make it great finger food.
  • Fruit salad: You can get creative with fruit salad by stepping it up a notch and turning them into kababs to make fairy wands. You can cut out some melons in star shapes for a magical topper.

Something Special

  • Sausage rolls or party pies: Everyone loves sausage rolls or party pies. They are easy to make and are easily available in the market as well. By keeping this food item on the menu, you can’t go wrong.
  • Cake pops or cupcakes: Cupcakes are like celebrities on any kids’ birthday party menu. They are easy to make and can be decorated in different themes. Use a different combination of fruit jam, icing, and sprinklers to create your unique cupcakes.
  • Fairy bread: This food item is one of the simplest and cheapest food items on the menu. You just need some buttered bread, coloured sugar sprinkles, and your imagination. You can either cut the bread in a fairy shape or any other shape you like.
  • Jelly oranges: Kids love jellies and adding jelly oranges to the menu will do wonders. To make them you can use the leftover orange peel from your fruit salad and put the jelly into the leftover peel. It is one of the interesting ways to serve jelly.
  • Don’t forget the birthday cake: Any birthday party is incomplete without a birthday cake. You can either bake them by yourself or you can order them from your favourite bakers. Before finalising the cake, select a theme and order a cake based on that theme in mind. The theme could be anything from a superhero theme to a scary Halloween theme, bake or order a cake accordingly.


Organising a kid’s birthday party is a herculean task and the selection of food items is an even tougher job. The above-mentioned creative food menu ideas will give you a much-needed head start before finalising the menu. Also, lookout for some interesting kids’ birthday party theme ideas to increase the excitement level of your little one.

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