Man’s Best Friend: 6 Convincing Reasons To Get Your Child A Dog

Childhood is an amazing time, full of joy and wonderful discoveries. This is the time when the child starts extensively exploring the world around. Picture how wonderful would that be if a true, reliable friend walked beside a child at every step of the journey. If you think about buying dog for your baby, but have not yet made your mind, or if you stubbornly resist the child’s requests and the cons of having a new four-legged family member in the house significantly exceed the pros, then this article is personal for you. Get yourself familiarized with a couple of reasons why you should get a dog for your child. Well, or at least think carefully.

There are two points to consider

First, the care of the dog will become a disciplining factor only if the child himself wants to take care of the pooch. And here parents are important not to confuse natural children’s curiosity with love for animals. The child may be wondering what it is like to walk a dog on a leash, feed it with his hands, and carry a puppy in his hands. It would be great if you could take a child to the countryside for the whole summer holidays and entrust it with taking care of the animals. Another way to check is “borrowing” the dog for a week from friends and leaving the baby in care. Perhaps, having quenched their thirst for making new acquaintances, the child will cool on the idea of having a dog.

Secondly, it is hugely important that the child is psychologically and physically ready to take care of another creature. Although there are no official standards, but It is best to get the dog for a child aged 5-10 years. If earlier there’s a high probability that your baby will treat the pet rather like a toy. After 10 years, children gradually lose the ability to understand the animals, which scientists investigated in Hungary. However, in most cases up to 14 years, children are not yet able to completely take care of the dog, although exceptions are found. Up to this age, parents need to be ready to play a constant role of a caregiver for a puppy.

The dog was created especially for children

Many love to say that the dog is the best friend of man, but it is much more correct to say that the dog is the best friend of the child. Here are a couple of irrefutable proofs.

  • Babies who live with dogs are less sick

The best therapist has fur and four legs and there is no word of lie in the statement. A recent study showed that babies who live with dogs during the first year of their lives are less likely to have respiratory diseases. This discovery is a consequence of the fact that dogs are more susceptible to a small number of microbes, which increases the ability of the immune system of children to prevent the disease as they are growing.

  • Visionary approach

Psychologists affirm that in those families where the dog lives, children are more sociable and responsible, and families are more close-knit. There’s no one better than a four-legged buddy who can cultivate empathy in a child’s character, control impulses, make them more sensitive and caring. As a result, your baby will enjoy considerable benefits for the future relations built on love and mutual respect. Think at least of a future professional advancement. Aside from professional resume help to win the hearts of the HR manager, an onerous job interview will get in the way of embarking on a dream career. Have no worries though, years spent with a four-legged buddy will guarantee your baby total success.

  • Boost self-confidence

The mere factor of a permanent contact with a dog will help sullen and shy children to regain self-confidence and become more sociable. Besides, children who just learn to read often do it out loud. Having a dog, they actually can have a devoted listener nearby. Psychological assistance that dogs provide children today is estimated throughout the world and is successfully used in various psychological practices and programs.

  • Children with dogs have fewer cases of allergies and asthma

Scientists have discovered that children who grow around dogs are 50% less likely to develop allergies and asthma than those who grow without a dog. This is explained by the fact that a child growing around the dog has formed a stronger immune system.

  • Children with dogs are more active

Nowadays, some children find it difficult to get out of the house, but the dog is a simple way to cope with this problem. Most of the types of dogs are excellent assistants for physical activity – it can be a walk around the surroundings or pleasure from playing balls and ropes in the backyard. All this leads to healthy children who are accustomed to an active lifestyle.

  • Dogs work miracles for children with autism

According to the study, the level of stress hormones in a child with autism is significantly reduced during accommodation with a trained officer dog. Over the years, many scientists have worked on this issue, and while there is still a lot to find out, no one can argue that “animal therapy”, in particular, the ownership of a dog can help these children in an incredible way.

It was the last benefit, but definitely not the least. To tell you the truth, the bonuses of having a dog for your child can be listed endlessly. The thing which always remains unquestioned is that the dog will make your baby happier.

Author’s Bio: Carmella Andersson works as a resume writer for WriteMyResumes. It gives her an opportunity to improve her critical and creative thinking skills.


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