Effective and Simple Learning Games for Kids in Junior School

The best way to keep kids focused on schoolwork is to wittingly catch their attention. But how do you do that? The typical textbook work is outdated, and teachers can find it challenging to come up with new learning methods on their own. Making school exciting has always been a problem but fortunately today, it’s become easier than ever. That’s because technology mixed with creativity can only result in highly effective strategies for learning new content and teaching interactively. In today’s article, we are going to discuss some of the most effective learning games for students in junior school. Check them out and let us know your feedback, especially if you’re a teacher.

The Allowance Game

This is one of the best money games that will help kids learn how to handle their finances. Financial education, although many times ignored, is incredibly useful. It should be one of the first things kids learn about. The Allowance Game is a super-fast-paced game designed to teach children how to handle money, make business transactions, change out large bills, and identify currency. This game could also help kids learn how to subtract and add so that they don’t need assignment help with their math homework anymore!

Designed for: kids ages 5-11


This is a cool strategy game for children who want to learn how to crack code and think outside the box. The codemaker – whoever that is – decides on a secret code. Next, the codebreaker tries to understand the codemaker’s strategy and find a solution for the problem using logic and deduction. The codemaker can then start to give instructions to the codebreaker. With clues and combinations of facts and logic, kids can learn how to think critically, gather information, and practice problem-solving.

Designed for: kids ages 6+


If you’re trying to train kids’ memory and visual skills, Stare! is the game you’re looking for. The players are given 30 seconds to stare at a picture or image placed on a card. These images can be anything fun for kids to explore such as an animation, illustration, or a funny photo. When 30 seconds are up, the starer’s opponent will ask him or her questions about the image he or she saw. How much can they recall? How good are their memory skills? If the player guesses right, then the game advances to the next level. This is a great game to play in pairs during class or even at home. It also makes a great game night for the whole family! Skills box includes memory skills development, observation, concentration, and imagination booster.

Designed for: kids ages 6-12

Gamestar Mechanic

Gamestar Mechanic is played online and a great way to teach children systematic thinking and game design. Kids can go on quests that help boost their design skills; they can also earn various items to build their own games.

Players can also take game design classes with professional instructors; they can get feedback on their work from pros in the game industry. Last but not least, players can make original games using powerful designs and using different sprites. They can publish these games to a community of over 250,000 designers and have their games played online. This is an amazing tool that teaches students to think outside the box, exercise creativity, and build authentic games from scratch!

Designed for: kids ages 7-14 but can be played by anyone

Scrabble Junior

If you want your kid or pupil learning scrabble from an early age, this is your go-to. Word games are indeed valuable educational tools, and Scrabble Junior is exactly what your kid needs. One side of the board must match letters to form new words, which can only be fun! Kids can expand their vocabulary while learning how to think quickly and efficiently – all of this while having lots of fun. This is the first kids’ scrabble game. It features colorful picture clues on the board, characters to track score, and another gameboard for more advanced levels.

Designed for: kids ages 5+


Another fun game to play in the classroom is Bamboozle! It does not require any preparation; you can open the game in the classroom as a warmer and concept checker for any day’s lesson. It could also serve as a review, which is really awesome. Kids can answer their questions individually on their phones and click post when ready to submit the answer. Student accounts are not needed, which makes the process way easier. Bamboozle is a super effective learning and teaching tool because it’s got children reproducing answers and recaps on their own. Kids can also work in teams to judge if their answers coincide.

Designed for: kids 7+ but anyone can play


The games presented above are great tools to improve your child’s cognitive and strategic thinking abilities. It is important to offer kids practical learning skills from the very first start and boost their self-confidence. Making them experience with various real-life situations in the form of a game is the best strategy in this beautiful era of competitive technology.

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