Portuguese Fluency Is Within Reach, Thanks to Private, Online Tutors

As early as grade school, many native English-speaking students are given the option to take Spanish, French, German, or Mandarin lessons to supplement their gen-ed courses. In the United States, few schools outside of universities offer Portuguese as a second language option, despite it being the sixth most widely spoken language in the world. Luckily, with the advent of private online Portuguese tutors, linguistic mastery has never been so accessible.

All About Portuguese

Portuguese is the official language of not only Portugal and Brazil, but Angola and Cape Verde, as well as Guinea-Bissau, East Timor, Mozambique, and, last but not least, São Tomé e Príncipe. There are more than 230 million Portuguese speakers in the world—plenty of reasons to prioritize learning the language!

Recent census reports indicate that there are roughly 336,000 Brazilian-born residents living in the United States. Because of the large Portuguese and Brazilian immigrant population, fluent speakers of the language are in high demand for government positions. If you’re looking to expand your job opportunities, Portuguese fluency is the perfect place to start. You can take your first step down the road to fluency with Eurekly, an online learning platform that hosts hundreds of private tutors who can elevate and expedite your learning experience.

Why Learn Portuguese Instead of Other Languages?

Perhaps you are already fluent in Spanish and are looking for similar languages to pick up on the fly. Perhaps you need to acquire Portuguese fluency for work or for school. Everyone has their own reasons for learning the languages they choose, but everyone can agree that Brazil is a massive tourist destination, as well as a huge, dynamic economy boasting more than 200 million people. It’s the world’s top exporter of coffee, soybeans, and sugar, as well as a top producer of aircraft, cars, computers, and textiles.

For those considering Brazil or Portugal as a getaway vacation spot, knowing the language opens doors forever shut to monolinguals, who will have a much more “scripted,” touristy experience.

How Long Until I’m Fluent?

Portuguese is relatively straightforward for native English speakers to pick up (compared to, say, Arabic or Mandarin Chinese). In theory, a highly motivated student with a good teacher and decent language comprehension skills could acquire conversational fluency in as little as half a year. And even if language acquisition isn’t your forte, most people can learn passable Portuguese within a year or two of consistent study.

If speed and efficiency are your priorities, private online tutors are your best bet. Classroom environments can work well as a baseline, but the teachers often lack the time or resources to offer specialized attention to every student that needs it. While there are language apps, these work best as adjuncts to consistent lessons and face-to-face practice with feedback from a real person. Private online tutoring sessions are highly modular, able to accommodate your individual learning needs, and expedite the language-acquisition process in a way that other learning resources can’t.

What Makes Private, Online Tutoring Sessions The Best Option?

In a world that has been reshaped by the recent pandemic, remote learning has gained new traction. It makes sense—remote learning is convenient, and can be done from the safety and convenience of your own home.

Eurekly’s tutors are rigorously vetted, ensuring that prospective students are choosing from the best of the best. Once thought to be the domain of the wealthy and privileged, private tutoring has now become normalized and commonplace, accessible to most people with internet access and a few dollars to spare. With tutoring as affordable as $10 per session, why not make Eurekly’s private tutors a regular part of your learning routine? Online tutoring sessions are less expensive than enrollment in university classes and in-person tutoring, and you don’t need to worry about the scarcity of in-person tutors and the restrictions of their in-person availability. Remote learning with Eurekly gives you the resources you need, exactly how and when you need them.

Unlike in-person classes, online Portuguese tutoring sessions adhere to your schedule as you set the pace and focus of each session. Eurekly puts the student in the driver’s seat—students choose their subject, budget, and the duration of their tutoring sessions. Eurekly’s convenient search system even displays the tutors’ various educational and linguistic backgrounds, as well as their immediate availability. Some tutors offer free trial sessions, so you can see if you’re a good fit for each other at no cost to you.

Online Learning with Eurekly’s Masterful Tutors Makes Learning Fun and Easy

For English speakers, Portuguese is an excellent second (or third! Or fourth!) language to learn; English speakers will find its patterns of construction and word usage familiar, and it easily functions as a “gateway” to other Romance languages! If you pick up Portuguese, then there’s a high chance that learning Spanish will be even faster and easier. From there, Italian and French are close neighbors. In just a handful of years, you could hugely broaden your cultural and linguistic horizons. And it could all start here and now with private, online tutoring sessions hosted by Eurekly.


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