Learn How To Live Eco Friendly In 3 Simple Steps

Have you ever thought, the small changes you make in your life can bring about huge changes for our mother Earth?

We often underestimate the power of our individuality and when something bad happens in the world we blame it on others as a whole. While we are sick of the alarming air pollution rising in the city, we blame it on the government for not taking enough actions to combat it. When a new disease spurs out of the blue, we condemn our health department.

When we are busy pointing out the laxity of the authorities, we inadvertently neglect our own vital role in saving our Earth from further deterioration. Don’t you feel it’s time to give back Earth for all the wonderful things it has been bestowing us all these years?

It’s time to go green and it is not hard either. A few changes here and there can seed immense rewards not just for Earth and your fellow beings, but for you and your family.

We have formulated 3 easy steps for you to live an eco-friendly life. The smallest changes to the most interesting things in eco-friendly living have been covered.

Step 1: Adopt Eco-friendly Lifestyle

Everything good must start with you. Living eco-friendly is not an exception too.

Adopting eco-friendly green lifestyle doesn’t mean that you have to make serious changes in your lifestyle. One small change at a time can go a long way. It’s all about noticing the unnoticed, cutting down the wastage and most of all it makes you feel good as a person.

Take Shorter Showers

Most of us start and end our day with a shower. A long shower is relaxing too, isn’t it ?

An average 5 minute shower takes about 25 gallons of water. If you are used to taking more than 20 minutes showering, imagine how much water is getting wasted each single day.

Next time when you are about to take a prolonged shower, tell yourself that cutting out just 5 minutes from it can save you more than 25 gallons of water a day. That is about 750 gallons of water a month!

Go Veggie

We are what we eat. The right choice of food not just keeps us healthy, but it saves our planet too.  If the data can be believed, each vegan saves 198 animals a year.

Minimising the meat and fish consumption can also make you significantly healthy. That excess weight, heart disease and fear of chronic illnesses that have been giving you sleepless nights can be hammered with a single decision.

While a pure vegetarian diet uses 1137 liters of water a day, a non-vegetarian diet requires 15160 liters of water per day. In this era of water scarcity, this is a serious concern which cannot be overlooked.

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If you are someone, who can’t expunge non-veg from your diet, you can try to reduce its intake. Afterall, doing something is better than doing nothing at all.

Say No To Speed!

Speed kills, they say. Yes, speed kills life, as well as valuable energy resources too.

As opposed to the belief that driving fast can save you time and energy, it is being found that it can make you use more fuel than driving in an average pace. Showing up on right time can save you that extra 10 minutes chasing the traffic!

Go For Eco-Friendly Shopping

The first step to eco-friendly shopping is to use the mantra “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.

Avoiding product wastages can reduce the number of products and its cost, for your next month purchase. Try to buy products which can be reused in a long-term. Use cheapest gucci bag, instead of plastic bags.

Go for brands that offer eco-friendly products. And when in doubt, choose to make your own DIY products from the used items. It not just saves you money, but brings out the long-lost artisan in you.

It’s better to do online shopping for purchasing groceries and other household items. It cuts the fuel usage and saves you time and money. The Ecoy site is an example for shopping eco-friendly products online.

No More Automatic!

When it comes to our cars, most of us rely on automatic car washing. But do you know, automatic car wash uses 15 to 32 gallons of water in a single minute? Whereas, washing car on your own takes only 10 gallons of water a minute. Taking out that extra 10 minutes to do your own cleaning can save you substantial amount of water.

Use Eco-friendly Beauty Products

That body scrub which has micro-beads to polish your skin can put the whole marine life at risk. Micro-beads are solid plastic particles which are less than 1 mm in size. When you wash it off, these tiny hazards make its way to the sea from your sewage, and ends up inside those innocent marine creatures. As what goes around comes around, it comes back to humans when these same marine creatures are eaten up. Karma as it seems, right ?

Most of the beauty products use harmful chemicals and toxins. Instead, try to use natural products such as sugar to exfoliate the dead skin. You can also make natural shampoo and face packs with zero side effects.

Take Public Transport

UberPool is cool!

Ditching your own vehicle and using public transport can go a long way for eco-friendly environment. Less cars on road produces less traffic pollution and thus keeps the air and surrounding environment safe.

Carpooling is the phenomenal buzz in the city and can costs you less than your private vehicle. You can also share your friend’s vehicle if you both are going to nearby destinations.

Donate Your Used Items

That pair of denims which no longer fits you is not worthy to be in your closet anymore. You know you won’t use it. Then why keep it?

If it’s something nostalgic, it is justified to be in your cupboard. If not, you can sell it on Ebay or can donate it to the needy. In either way you earn!

Step 2: Recreate Your Home Eco-Friendly

Your home is the next big thing you must focus on to lead an eco-friendly life. Converting your home to a nature friendly environment is not a daunting task if implemented rightly. Those expensive solar panels installers Birmingham and electronic systems are not the only options you are left with. Conserving energy in home can be fun and easy by implementing these eco-friendly tips for home.

Use Eco-Friendly Home Appliances

If you roll your eyes over each and every electronic appliance you have got in your home, you won’t be surprised to find out that many of those are energy killers. Those bulbs, forever switched on TV and your imported fancy lights are the real culprits.

Do you know, that CFL bulb in your room can save 400 pounds of greenhouse gas emission?

Your windows can act as an excellent energy saver by letting in all the required light and fresh air, thus minimising the use of your AC and artificial lights. Instead of drying your clothes using artificial dryers, use the natural sunlight and cloth lines.

Little care can make huge difference in your energy bills too. Unplug all the electronic devices when not in use. In place of that single socket, try to use multiple socket plug-ins so as to switch off all at once when it’s unused.

Just like recreating your electronic appliances, it’s vital that you choose the right type. Choose front-loading washing machines as it uses less water and energy.

Make sure you invest in those appliances which have 5-star rating energy labels.

No Hand Washing!

Dirty dishes are always a bane of our life. Hand washing dishes takes immense time and effort. And we often skip using the dishwasher to save energy. But the truth is other way around!

Dishwashers can save you half the energy, one sixth the amount of water and less soap if used at full load.

Grow Your Own Foods

Fresh fruits and vegetables are scarce nowadays. Growing them in your home space not just gives you a healthy diet, but combats environmental hazards too. With no pesticides and healthy produce, these home grown foods are economical too. It also reduces carbon emissions and global warming, compared to commercial agriculture.

Make Use Of The Leftovers

In a country where 190.7 million people are undernourished, 67 million tonnes of food are getting wasted every year. India tops the list of largest undernourished countries in the world. Yet, almost one third of foods produced are wasted.

Leftovers are not to be thrown away. Next time you are left with those soft idlis, try to make out some tasty snacks out of it. Your family will love your kitchen innovation. You can also make it reach to the needy.

Not just food, water is another element we waste each day. You can use that left over bath water to water the plants. And make sure the showers and faucets are fixed to prevent water leakage.

Don’t underestimate The Power Of Internet

World is going digital. So why stay as an old key?

Pay your bills digitally. It can save your fuel, time and money. In the age of digital newspapers, you can ditch the conventional paper newspapers and move to reading everything digital. Each ton of it can save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, 4000 kilowatts of energy and 7000 gallons of water.

Invest In Eco-Friendly Kitchen Appliances

When the whole home is renewed eco-friendly, how can we pay no heed to the kitchen!

That non-stick pans you use can get interfere with your food and can turn carcinogenic. It is highly hazardous to the nature too. Instead use cast iron pans for cooking.

Cooking meals in T-fal FR8000 not just saves your time, but saves significant amount of energy too.

Do you have the habit of peeking in your refrigerator every now and then? Every time you peek, the energy consumed adds up to around thousands every year.

Keep your refrigerator away from sunlight to make it work with less energy. To ensure the proper airflow, refrigerator should be distanced at a minimum of 7.6 cm from the wall. This fridge repair company can repair your broken fridge in no time.

When it comes to ovens, go for microwave than conventional oven. Use it in a single shot by using its both racks, than using it multiple times for multiple purposes.

Step 3: Convert Your Workplace or School Eco-Friendly

After your home, the workplace is where you spent most your time. If you put some efforts you can transform it into a beautiful nature friendly space using these green living ideas.

Print Less Documents

Not all documents are meant to be printed. Try to save them digitally. It will be easy for you to share anywhere from the world too.

Say No To Bottled Waters And Packed Lunches

Half a litre of bottled water forms a carbon footprint of around 82.8g. Get your own bottled water from home and carry an eco-friendly cup with you to take water when you are at your work place, so as to avoid those harmful plastic cups.

Cooking meals from your home and taking it to the workplace can considerably reduce the use of plastics for packaged lunches. It is cheap at twice the price of packaged foods too.

Bring-In Some Plants For Your Office

Pollutant and formaldehyde emission from the office equipments are unavoidable. You can counteract this by bringing in some indoor plants like peace lilies, fiscus etc to absorb these harmful gases from the air and thus to emit good amount of oxygen to clear it.

Shut Down When Not In Use

Most of us leave office without shutting down the systems, thus causing significant energy losses. You can paste some creative and funny wall tags near your office computer to make you remember to shut it down when you leave that space.

Make School Environment Friendly

When we discussed about your workplace, how can we avoid the workplace of your kids – School. If you are a teacher, these eco-friendly ideas for school will help you too.

Schools are the third largest energy users. It is also one of the highest sources of air and water pollution.

Ask the school to organise a monthly clean-up program. Teaching kids about healthy and sustainable eco-friendly living is an important step. If you are a parent, try to give organic foods for your kids. Tell the teachers to encourage other kids to introduce eco-friendly items every month.

Motivate your kids to participate in green student club. Let your kid use the school transportation system. Schools can also organise eco lifestyle events.

Wrap Up

These eco-friendly living tips can help you lead a sustainable, healthy and nature friendly life.

As goes with a native American proverb – “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”.


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