Layers to Keep Your Little One Warm During the School Week

Now that your little one has returned to school, you’re likely eager to ensure they arrive on time with all their school materials to avoid any unnecessary problems. If the weather seems particularly cold this season, you might be worried about how to keep your child warm while they’re out and about on the school campus. For some great ideas on layers to keep your little one warm during the school week, check out these three essential items every parent should consider purchasing before back-to-school starts up again next week.

Layer 1: Pants

A good rule of thumb is that you should dress in two layers of clothing if it is a cool day and three if it is cold. Make sure pants are long enough for school wear, sturdy, and warm. Sweatpants are acceptable but avoid anything too thick such as thermals if the weather isn’t in extremes. They don’t let the body’s natural heat escape making it uncomfortable during class time. Try winter-weight pants with a breathable, wicking layer underneath like tights made of merino wool or silk. The material should also be tight-fitting, so there are no gaps between skin and clothes for colder days.

Layer 2: Sweater

Get your child a cozy, layered sweater. Start with long sleeves, especially on brisk mornings. Once they get to school, they can peel off the layer as needed. To stay warm during recess and before-lunch activities, kids will want an additional layer – an insulated jacket or wool coat. Finally, remember that even on days when there is snow on the ground (and it’s not pouring), children will need hats and gloves for their heads and hands.

Layer 3: Jacket or coat

Windbreakers, hoodies, and light coats are excellent choices for layering up before taking that cold walk across campus in the morning. These jackets will also work on days when it’s not too bad outside – they’ll keep your kid nice and warm while walking around with their friends between classes. A heavy coat is a good thing to have when the temperature gets lower. A thick jacket is a bit too much for warmer days, but when the temperature drops, you want something like this. It won’t let the cold air go through, which can cause all sorts of problems, from crankiness during class to dry skin or lips because there isn’t enough moisture in the air.

Layer 4: Dresses

To stay warm, layer these tiered layer dresses for little girls over leggings or tights for extra warmth. Consider a comfy, loose-fitting top under your child’s dress if she needs a warmer layer. Dresses look best when paired with leggings and tights. Experiment with different styles of dresses that match her personality and preferences. Some dresses are fussier, while others feature fun prints and bright colors that little girls adore! Layer several pieces together to create unique outfits that stand out in style! Extra Bonus Layer – Scarves: For colder days, select scarves with pretty patterns or textiles.

So, how do you plan for your little one’s chilly school days? Layer up! Dress them in clothing that will trap air and provide warmth. Wear a lightweight fleece with a hoodie underneath. Add on mittens, a hat, and socks. It may feel like too much now, but when winter comes, you’ll be glad you did!


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