Kids Electric Cars Buying Guide

Numerous studies have shown that play is crucial to the physical, emotional, mental and social development of young ones. As such, parents should ensure that the toys they purchase are not only appropriate for their age and safe for them to use, but also stimulating to the brain.

As your children begin to grow, gifting them the right toys will allow them to explore and develop skills that will be paramount in the following stages of life. With the numerous toys out there, however, you might be asking, which ones are ideal for my young one?

Well, electric kids cars have become popular due to their benefits. In addition to helping develop a young one’s fine and motor skills, they also help improve their visual thinking or spatial intelligence. But kids electric cars come in a wide variety that choosing the right one can be quite tricky. Not to fret though as in this read, we are going to provide a comprehensive guide regarding the different aspects to consider.

The Child’s Age & Size

There are numerous kids electric cars out there, each with varying features. To ensure you pick the right product, one of the first aspects to factor in is the young one’s age and size. Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t put a toddler in a ride car with manual settings. That’s because they have not yet developed the motor skills needed to control such a car.
  • Ensure the kid is able to fit inside the car.
  • Do not give older kids a vehicle designed for small kids as it won’t be stimulating for them.
  • If possible, pick a ride car that is adjustable to fit the child as they grow. This ensures they enjoy it for longer.

The Voltage Capacity

Kids electric cars have batteries with varying voltages. This dictates how fast the vehicle can travel, the duration before it runs out of power, the kind of terrain it can travel on as well as the total weight it can accommodate. Also, the voltage capacity (usually between 6V and 48V), dictates the suitable age group:

  • 6V rides are suitable for kids aged 2-4. They reach a maximum speed of 3MPh, last for approximately 45 minutes and are ideal for smooth surfaces.
  • 12V rides are designed for kids aged 3-6. They reach a maximum of 5MPh, last up to 2 hours and can run on both smooth and grassy surfaces.
  • 24V rides are ideal for children aged 6-9. They hit a maximum of 6MPh, last up to 4 hours and can even go uphill.
  • 36V rides are designed for kids aged 7-10. They reach a maximum of 15Mph.
  • 48V rides travel at a maximum of 18MPh and are designed for kids over 10 years.

Design & Quality

You will come across an unlimited selection of electric kids cars when it comes to design options. Similar to conventional vehicles, kids cars have the SUV design, pedals, quads, 4x4s, etc. For the top-tier ones, you have those labelled as licensed. This design is precisely like that of the real version. However, you are required to pay licensing fees to the parent company in order to ascertain superior quality.

Safety Standards

When choosing kids electric cars, safety must be a priority. Important features to look for include the following:

  • Ensure the vehicle is stable and not wobbly.
  • Ensure it has a low centre of gravity to prevent tipping over while turning.
  • Ensure the battery enclosure is secured and no parts are loose.
  • Ensure the materials used are flame resistant and non-toxic. Rides with BPA and lead can have detrimental effects on your child.
  • Ensure the car comes with effective safety belts.

Also, do not forget to get the young one safety gear including joint pads and a helmet.

Remote Control

A built-in remote control should be a must, especially for rides meant for younger kids. Most 6V and 12V kids electric cars are equipped with a parental override that lends the adults the ability to control the car’s speed and direction. This is a feature that helps make the experience fun and exhilarating, particularly for kids who are not able to direct their driving but think they can.

Remote control provides the ability to prevent the young one from driving into a dangerous situation and you can also control the braking.

The Budget

It goes without saying that your budget will dictate the kind of electric car your child will get. Kids electric car prices range between $100 to above $500. To avoid going through rides that you cannot afford, pick a budget and stick to it when doing your research. Keep in mind that you can still find affordable kids electric rides that still offer fun and safety features that both you and the young one will appreciate.

The Takeaway

In conclusion, kids electric cars are a great way to stimulate a young one’s brain. They are not merely playthings, but an excellent way to boost the kid’s independence and carry them through various developmental stages. They aid in physical, mental and emotional growth and also help boost spatial awareness. As such, it is crucial to be smart when choosing these rides for your young cruisers.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, ensure that the ride passes the quality standard as safety is the number one aspect to consider. By following this guide, you should be able to make an informed decision.


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