Jumeirah Park: Things To Do for Family & Kids

Jumeirah Park is an upscale residential project in Dubai. It is known for its tree-lined boulevards, sidewalks, well-designed villas and vibrant and colourful community, making this neighbourhood one of the best places to live in Dubai.

Due to its location and other amenities, the property here is in hot demand. Ask any property dealer in Dubai, and he would vouch that buyers are always looking for a place to buy or rent.

In this blog, we will tell you the fun and recreational things you can enjoy with your family here. And you will also learn why it is such a great place to live. Burjdiary, here you can find the best things to do in Dubai with family and kids.

Things to do for family & kids in Jumeirah Park:

The Jumeirah Park is a complete residential neighborhood offering a unique living experience to residents. The developer has emphasized sustainable living here, and you will notice considerable green foliage in the entire area. It is environmentally friendly and provides residents respite from Dubai’s heat.

Besides, there are shopping places, restaurants, places of worship, schools, hospitals and other essentials for a comfortable living. Let’s look at some fun things you can do with your family and kids here and in its surroundings.

Cycling & jogging:

You will find cycling and jogging pathways at Jumeirah Park that invite joggers and cyclists to move around freely. It is a fun physical activity that you can do with your little ones in the evenings or early morning. Organize a kids’ marathon or jogging or cycling competition. They will love it, and it will keep them agile and fit.


Nothing brings a family together like a picnic. Prepare light snacks, take some seasonal fruits, put them in your picnic basket and head out with your family to the community’s parks. You can also explore nearby areas for suitable picnic spots. Ask your neighbours to join in for some networking. While the kids play, you can chat with your neighbours and enjoy the outdoors.

Head to the beach:

Who doesn’t like hanging out at the beach? The splashy ocean waves, the salty breeze, sea birds, and walking barefoot on moist and soft sand promise fun to the whole family. Jumeirah Beach, or Kite Beach, provides many activities like beach volleyball, swimming, kayaking, and paddle boarding. A day at the beach is always a day well spent.


Jumeirah Park has outdoor sports facilities at its parks. You can play football, basketball or volleyball here with your family and kids. Remember, a family that plays together stays together.

A visit to the playgrounds:

Kids love playing at parks. Swings, slides, and sea-saws hold great attraction to them. Fortunately, Jumeirah Park has well-maintained playgrounds where kids can swing, slide and have a playful time. It is a safe and simple way for kids to have a great time. Elders can take pictures freezing these moments forever.

Playing with pets:

Like you, your pet needs to go out, run around and enjoy time with its family outside the home. Take your pet to pet-designated areas at Jumeirah Park. Watch your pet frolic about, and make friends with other pets. Even taking your pet for a walk can be fun for the whole family.

BBQ parties:

Barbeque gatherings are another fun time for the whole family. You can engage your kids in the preparation of the meat. They will learn how to marinate and cook it and develop an interest in this sort of activity. You can also have a BBQ party at your home or designated areas outside. Invite your friends and neighbours and enjoy succulent chunks of meat chatting with them.

Star gazing:

Call us old-school, but we love star-gazing, and we strongly feel that this inexpensive and rewarding activity has lost its traction among us. It is time to revive it and see how fulfilling and therapeutic it is. Gather your family over the rooftop or in your front yard and gaze at the sky. If you have a telescope, it can be oodles of fun with information thrown in. Educate the kids about different stars and planets that you can watch with your naked eye or with the help of a telescope. We know you and your kids will love it.

Skateboarding & Rollerblading:

It might not be an activity that the whole family can participate in, but it sure is fun, and those who can’t do it will enjoy watching it. Kids, in particular, love it; just don’t let them do it without proper safety gear. You can find skateboarding and rollerblading parks in and around Jumeirah Park for a gala time.

Let the family time begin:

We are so caught up in our daily lives that we hardly take time out for ourselves and our families. It is an unfortunate by-product of our busy lives, and it shouldn’t be like this. Luckily, Jumeirah Park has so many activities that you would want to go out and spend more time with your family and kids. We say do it and let the good times begin.


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