Is 2D Animation a Good Choice for eLearning Courses?

While e-learning is an advanced method of teaching online courses to students, it comes with several complexities and distractions, which can be challenging for the students and the learners. However, 2D animation can become an effective tool in delivering e-learning courses.

According to statistics, about 95% of students respond favorably to motion visuals. We will explore what makes 2D animations a good choice for e-learning courses and how they can enhance content quality and sustain students’ attention.

Why 2D Animation is an Effective Teaching Method in e-Learning Courses

So, why should you use 2D video animation to deliver-learning courses? For a start, you can deliver a successful eLearning course without using animation videos.

However, if you want to give a magnificent online course, 2D animations can make a world of difference in your presentation. Here are the top reasons this teaching method is considered a highly effective training method.

● It Delivers Learning Flexibility

Unlike plain text, 2D animation offers flexibility and more control to students over their learning endeavors. It allows them to fast-forward, rewind, and pause content to understand concepts covered in the lecture.

Additionally, it improves the depth of understanding and minimizes distractions. Tutors can also explore different engaging elements to deliver an exceptional learning experience to students.

● It Brings Content to Life

Instead of staring at plain boring text, animation adds character to learning. 2D animation can transform an online course into a more exciting and vivid material to appeal to a cross-section of students.

With this, learners can engage more effectively with the content and connect with the 2D characters used. This ensures better bonding with the course content for better retention.

● It De-isolate the Learners

While e-learning is convenient, it can sometimes get lonely. Being alone in a room watching a tutor ramble on about a concept without course mates to discuss it with can be boring and lonely.

However, using 2D animation provides a premise where learners feel they are getting one-on-one attention from the characters. This reduces the isolation associated with e-learning.

How to make a 2D Animation eLearning Course

Having looked at the top reasons 2D animations are an effective tool for delivering exceptional online courses, the next thing is to explore how to make one. This part of the post looks at how to make an animation using the best software tool in the market – Doratoon.

What is Doratoon?

Doratoon is a powerful and feature-rich animation maker designed for making a variety of animations, including 2D animations, Whiteboard animations, 3D animations, Instructional animations, and more.

Doratoon lets you create awesome unique animation using powerful but super-easy tools. You will find millions of royalty-free animation templates, stock footage, backgrounds, and pops you can use to create an attention-grabbing 2D animation eLearning course.

Special Features of Doratoon

A Large Library of Animation Templates: Doratoon offers thousands of customizable animation templates covering different genres of topics and industries. You will find the perfect template that suits your lecture topic and all you have to do is customize it with your content using the highly intuitive tools on the platform.

AI Drawing: You can easily add professional-looking shapes and drawing to your eLearning course using AI Drawing. Sketch the shape or drawing you want to create and this tool will suggest the perfect drawing for you. Click on it and adjust the placement in your animation.

AI Dubbing: With this feature, you do not have to worry about recording a voiceover for your 2D animation video. You can upload the text and select a voice character of your choice to dub the text into speech to make your course more interesting and engaging.

Animated Characters: This animation creator offers over a thousand animated characters with thousands of facial characters to choose from. You will find the perfect character with the right facial expressions and actions to depict your concept.

The highlights of assets you will find on the Doratoon platform include:

  • 10000+ 2D and 3D background images
  • 100M+ stock images and videos
  • 10000+ stock props
  • 1000+ animated characters with facial expressions

How to Use Doratoon to create a 2D Animation eLearning Course

Step 1: Go to the official website of Doratoon to create a free account.

Step 2: Select a customizable 2D animation template from the large template library.

Step 3: Edit the template using different tools available on the platform. You can explore the animated characters, AI drawing, and more to customize the 2D animation template you selected. If you have PPT for your course, you can just simply upload your PPT on Doratoon and it will help you convert your PPT into animation in a few minutes.

Step 4: Preview your animated video and download it to your computer PC.

That is how easy it is to use Doratoon in education to create engaging 2D animated eLearning courses.

Tips to Make a Highly Engaging 2D Animation eLearning Course

There are different types and styles of animations. However, you must implement specific skills when creating animations for teaching or academic purposes.

The goal of making animations for online courses is to efficiently deliver concepts to students engagingly and more understandably. Here are tips to use when using an animation maker like Doratoon to make an animation.

  • Reduce the Content: Do not add too much content with moving animations to avoid distracting your students’ focus. Reduce theoretical concepts as much as possible and use more animated characters and content to drive your teaching.
  • Use Appropriate Background Sound: While creating your animation, invest some thought into your choice of background music, sound effects, and voiceover. Ensure you use the right character with the right tone for the voiceover and do not compromise on clarity and graphics in your animated course.
  • Reduce the Noise: Vibrant and loud colors, irrelevant and distracting visuals and graphics, and inconsistent motions will only distract the students from the teaching. Therefore, use subtle colors, and lots of white space, and focus on using appropriate background elements without making it too loud or boring. One way to achieve this is by using ocean background videos. This can provide a calming presence to the course and be visually interesting without being distracting. The blue hues and gentle waves of the ocean can add a peaceful atmosphere to the course, allowing the students to better focus on the material being taught.
  • Use Transition Wisely: The goal is to sustain the learners’ attention and keep them engaged till the end of your course. Therefore, use transition animation with fading in and fading out elements to keep the learners focused and engaged.

Use Doratoon to create a 2D Animation eLearning Course

Creating a 2D animation eLearning course is not difficult if you have the right tool and it will certainly produce the desired result. Doratoon is the perfect animation creator to make the process seamless for you. It offers thousands of assets you can explore to create a show-stopping animated online course.


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