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Considering Corrective Eye Surgery for Your Child? What Parents Need to Know

The latest medical breakthroughs in eye surgeries have made surgical procedures more accessible to people of all ages, including children. If you’re a parent who’s struggling to see your child suffer from low or impaired vision, there are various treatment options you can consider. In this post, we’ll go over what parents need to take note of for corrective eye surgeries for children.

Different Refractive Eye Surgeries for Children

With the advancements in medical science today, there are plenty of surgeries that can correct your little one’s vision impairment. Options can range from LASIK, PRK, SMILE, and ICL. The appropriate surgery will hinge on your physician’s recommendation, who will look into your child’s eye condition and general health.

There are astigmatism refractive eye surgeries, like SMILE and PRK, for children with astigmatism. These procedures correct the shape of the cornea, reversing astigmatism. Meanwhile, LASIK, another well-known surgery among adults, is also a corrective eye surgery for children. However, it’s not usually recommended for children under 18 so as not to affect the development of their eyes.

Risks and Benefits of Corrective Eye Surgery for Children

As with most surgeries, it’s vital for parents to be knowledgeable about the benefits and risks of these corrective eye procedures. Make sure to weigh in on the possible outcomes and risks associated with these surgeries, as explained to you by your child’s physician.

Fortunately, the likelihood of risks nowadays is very low due to modern breakthroughs in surgical techniques. Some of the positive results you can expect from surgery are enhanced vision, optional use of glasses or contacts, and eye comfort. Meanwhile, the risks can range from over-correction or under-correction, to dry eyes and infection.

Steps to Prepare for Your Child’s Eye Surgery

Preparing your child for this major surgery is crucial. Make sure that he or she knows what to expect during and after surgery. Once you both have decided on the procedure and discussed it with your physician, you’ll need to explain what happens during surgery and why they must undergo this procedure.

Your child’s doctor should also discuss with you the necessary steps before and after surgery, as well as the medications required as aftercare. To make sure your child is comfortable after surgery, you might want to take a few days off work to stay at home with your child while they recover.

Your Child’s Recovery After Surgery

Your youngster will need to rest and recuperate before they get back on their feet and resume regular activities. The period of rest will depends on the kind of surgery your child underwent, but your physician should give you a rundown of instructions. It’s normal for your kid to feel discomfort during the healing process. They may also become sensitive to light and have fuzzy vision. Therefore, make sure they take a break from physical activities like swimming and contact sports.

Ways to Support Your Child After His or Her Eye Surgery

Your role as a caregiver is essential to your child’s healing after his or her surgery. Take note of your child’s recovery plan based on the doctor’s instructions—make sure that he or she gets sufficient sleep, and takes any prescription medications on time. Also, encourage your little one to voice any discomfort or pain they may be feeling. And right after recovery, don’t forget to celebrate your child’s new and improved vision!

The world can be blurry and unfamiliar for children with poor or impaired vision. Luckily, corrective eye surgery has the power to change their lives for the better. As a parent, it’s imperative you understand and weigh the options available for your child. Work closely with your child’s physician, then decide on the best course of action. With your love and support, your little one can undergo surgery and heal with ease, then enjoy a clear and enhanced vision!


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