Importance of Good Communication in The Workplace

Did you know almost 86% of executives and employees blame ineffective communication for failures in the work environment? In fact, US companies lose more than $37 billion every year due to poor communication. Most laymen find the numbers shocking because they can’t believe a simple soft skill like this one can have such a big impact on the organization. If you’re not sure how important good communication in the workplace is, continue reading to find out.

Conflict Mitigation

Your staff consists of individuals with different personalities, attitudes, needs, and communication skills. At some point, they’re bound to experience a clash of opinions. While most clashes end amicably, that’s not the case in workplaces with poor communication. Quite the opposite, things get ugly quickly. In this case, managers act as mediators and resolve the conflict. However, when employees are great communicators, there’s no reason for them to conflict over anything in the workplace. They can only take part in some healthy competition but that’s good for the team morale and business success.

Effective Management

When the organization has communicative managers, nothing is standing in its way from succeeding in the business world. Such managers are good at delegating tasks, managing projects and conflicts, motivating staff, and building strong relationships with the employees. Whatever their key responsibilities are, they’re nailing them thanks to their effective communication skills. Since they’re aware of its importance, managers don’t mind exploring internal communication examples in search of innovations for their staff. After all, being a great communicator is more than just having the ability to speak with people. It’s also about motivating and encouraging them to develop or improve their communication skills.

Information Sharing

Employees deserve to know what’s going on in their workplace and company in general no matter how good or bad things are. That’s why having effective communication channels is essential. When the company’s doing well, you can use them to recognize the hard work of your staff, you can buy American Express gift cards in bulk as a token of appreciation, fostering a culture of recognition and motivation. Also, they allow you to reward them and motivate others to push their limits. On the other hand, when it’s facing a crisis, you need to share updates and keep everyone in the loop. When you share information with your staff, you can be sure everyone’s on the same page. As a result, employees have everything they need to exceed your expectations and avoid making any mistakes along the way.

Stronger Relationships

The foundation of every successful team is the relationships between its members. Those relationships aren’t built overnight. It takes time, effort, and plenty of social interactions to make them strong. This is where communication comes into play. As a manager, you should stimulate employees to interact and communicate as much as possible in and out of the workplace. While onsite teams have plenty of opportunities for socialization, remote teams often feel isolated or lonely. Nonetheless, you can give them some space within the virtual workplace to connect and talk about whatever they want. When employees nurture their relationships through communication, maintaining their mental health also becomes easier.

Inclusive Workplaces

Every employer strives to make their organization attractive to talented employees. One of the ways to do this is by creating an inclusive workplace. If you share the same goal, communication is the way to do it. When sharing knowledge and information, you have the opportunity to give every employee, regardless of their background or any other characteristics, a sense of belonging. By giving everyone a voice, you’re making them feel valued and indispensable to the organization. While employees differ on many aspects, you shouldn’t let those differences create a divide. Instead, support the differences through communication and engage employees in the organizational activities.

Engaged Staff

Good communication in the workplace reflects on employee engagement too. When employees are engaged and committed, it’s easy to align them with organizational objectives. Similarly, you get valuable insights into their professional goals and needs. This way you can help them achieve them within the organization and retain the talent. When you know what motivates them, you can assign tasks more effectively which align with their skills, knowledge, and experience. Lastly, employees get along and work together in a happy and harmonious work environment.


Contrary to what most people think, communication is the foundation of most business and organizational aspects. It engages and connects the staff, gives them a sense of belonging, and prevents conflicts in the workplace. The management and information sharing are more effective and the relationships across the organization are stronger.


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