Impacted Wisdom Teeth: Types, Concerns, Symptoms, Removal, & Recovery


Do you wonder when will you or your teenage children get wisdom teeth? There is no fixed age by which you should get your wisdom teeth. Although maximum people grow wisdom teeth between the age of 17 and 21, they can be developed before or after this age bracket. On the contrary, the other 28 white pearls defiantly appear by the time you are 12.

You or your offspring might need a wisdom tooth removal if there are pain and other difficulties due to impacted wisdom teeth. Read on to know more about wisdom teeth removal & recovery.

What are Impacted Wisdom teeth?

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The wisdom teeth are the last 4 teeth to appear on the back of the mouth in adults. Wisdom teeth that get stuck below the surface of your gums and grow abnormally are categorized as impacted wisdom teeth or third molars.

What are The Different Types of Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

There are different types of impactions depending on the type of growth. Unfortunately, in all types of impactions, one common thing is wisdom teeth pain. The main 3 types of impactions are as follows:-

1. Soft Tissue Impaction

Although there is no lack of adequate jawbone for the wisdom tooth to erupt in soft tissue impaction, the gum tissue doesn’t get attached to the tooth properly. Therefore maintaining oral hygiene becomes difficult. This leads to tooth decay, infection, swelling, and other oral health issues.

2. Partial Bony Impaction

In partial bony impaction, the tooth erupts partially. A specific portion of the molar remains within the gum line only. Sometimes it gets stuck in the surrounding jawbone. This condition leads to wisdom tooth pain and discomfort.

3. Complete Bony Impaction

The entire wisdom tooth remains within the jawbone in the complete bony impaction. This condition also leads to wisdom tooth pain, discomfort, and swelling.

What are the Problems Caused by Wisdom Teeth?

It’s not natural for our jaw to make space for wisdom teeth in the adult age. Thus, you may face the following problems:-

  • Crooked teeth, a misaligned bite, and jaw due to abrupt growth and crowding of teeth
  • Lack of oral hygiene and cavity accumulation due to tight space between teeth leading to tooth decay and infection.
  • Misaligned roots because of misaligned teeth increase the risk of tooth loss over time.
  • Crowding teeth as the space in your mouth is not enough for 4 more teeth.

Are There Any Symptoms of Impacted Wisdom Tooth?

Wisdom tooth pain and tender jaw are the signatures of an impacted wisdom tooth. Other probable signs of the trouble are:-

  • Swelling in the jaw area
  • Difficulty in opening the mouth
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Recurring headaches
  • Swelling in lymph nodes

When & Why Wisdom Tooth Extraction is Needed?

Dentists don’t suggest the removal of a wisdom tooth if it is coming out normally without any problems. However, in the following conditions & signs, wisdom teeth must be extracted, and the extraction will be recommended.

  • Impacted or infected tooth.
  • Difficulty in maintaining oral hygiene due to positioning of teeth.
  • Inflammation, discomfort, or pain in Wisdom teeth and jaw.
  • Crowding teeth due to abnormal growth of teeth.

How is Wisdom Tooth Removed?

Wisdom teeth are removed through oral surgery, which approximately takes 45 minutes to complete. General anesthesia is used for wisdom teeth extraction to numb the area to be operated. You will get dissolvable stitches if your dentist needs to cut your gums or bones for the extraction.

Recovery from wisdom teeth removal takes a few days. Meanwhile, you can ease the pain and swelling by applying icepack, eating soft food, and drinking plenty of fluids.

Wrapping Up!

Teenagers and parents of teenagers should approach the dentist the moment they spot any symptom of impaction or infection in the tooth. Moreover, it is recommended to get a general dental check-up every 6 months so that impacted wisdom teeth or other dental health issues can be detected early even without any symptoms.

Author Bio: Dr. Anu Isaac, DMD, runs a successful dental practice in Salem, MA. Dr. Isaac strives for quality on a daily basis and this commitment to quality is reflected in her constant pursuit of advanced training. Her firm belief that even experts need to stay updated about what’s new in the dental field, enables her to provide every patient with optimal oral care. As the founder of Coral Dental Care, she is dedicated to creating healthy, beautiful smiles for her patients and also to educating dental and non-dental communities with her engaging articles on all things related to oral health, recent dental innovations, and latest treatment modalities.


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