IGCSE Biology Exam Preparation Tips

The article on IGCSE Biology tips includes some common mistakes made by students during their IGCSE Biology Exams. They are collected under various subheadings to help you when you prepare for the main examination. Make sure you go through all the tips, as these can play a major role in helping you score the best grades.

Make sure that you know which examination papers you are taking before you look at the tips for different IGCSE papers. All of you will take biology paper 1 which is all multiple-choice questions. You may be taking paper 2, which is foundation OR you may be taking paper 3 which is extended. You may be taking paper 5, which is a practical examination in a laboratory OR may be opting for paper 6, which is a written paper about practical work.

Here’re specific IGCSE Biology Exam Preparation Tips, that you should consider –


Keep your answers in the lines on the answer sheet, short, and readable. If you write in the margin at the bottom of a page, or on blank pages, part of your answer might be missed. If you must cross out something, simply put a line through, but do not scribble all over it. If you must use a different space to write another answer to one you have crossed out, then put a note saying where it is like an answer on page 5. Try to be precise in what you want to say. Using biological terms correctly when needed will help. Do not use words like it, they, effect, or affect, without any more explanation.

Know key terms of biology

Familiar with the important key terms used in biology. As these will be used in question, so you will get more marks, if you can use them correctly in your examination. Ask your teacher if you are unsure of the different meanings of biological terms. Make sure you write correct spellings because each word has a different meaning. Do not try to mix the spellings of two words when you are not sure which of them is correct. Write answers in your language, so the teacher can understand what you exactly want to explain.

Know the exam paper structure

In multiple-choice questions, there’s only one mark for a correct answer. Other sorts of questions show how many marks at the end of each part like [2]. The number of marks will help you decide how long or short an answer you must write. This means you do not need to waste time and write a long answer for a question of 1 mark. As you will only get one mark even if the answer is correct. If there are two or more marks do not write the same thing in two different ways. For instance, the leaf is very large OR the leaf has a large surface area.

Multiple choice tips

Avoid attempting to decipher a sequence in the arrangement of correct responses. The same alphabet might be the solution for multiple consecutive questions. If possible that “A” might be the right answer for many questions, as compared to “B”, “C”, or “D”, which might have fewer correct instances than the rest. Ensure that your choice for the preceding questions does not impact your selection for the following ones.

Written paper tips

It is important to thoroughly read the question before writing the answer. Each question aims to evaluate your knowledge and comprehension of biology by asking you to perform various tasks. Even though the theme remains consistent throughout the sections of a question, underlining the keywords can aid in clarifying the precise task at hand. Pay attention to any hints embedded within the question’s language. When unfamiliar or Latin names are provided, see if the additional information is mentioned in the question.

Graph drawing

If you are asked to draw a graph on biology paper, then draw precisely. Consider using a scale that uses most of the grid. Write the names of the axes and their units, e.g., rate of water loss/g per h, temperature / oC, time/s. Plot the points exactly by using a sharp pencil. Draw the points lightly so that you can rub them out when needed. Use a cross or a dot in a circle for your plot points. Join the points with a line of best fit or zig–zag line. Remember that all the curves do not have to pass through the point where the two axes meet.


Use a ruler and a pencil to draw the table. Write headings for each column or row of the table and mention units if they are needed. You may have to find the figures from a table or graph. Ensure that you show the units in the calculation rightfully. If you use a calculator, then round up the figures to the same as in the question – do not copy all the figures after the decimal point, if the question figures are 5.6 or 4.6, then your answer should only have one number after the decimal point.


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