How to Track Cell Phones with Number Location Finders

Mobile location tracking casts light on persons’ whereabouts through phone numbers and various monitoring features. “Beyond the locations themselves, inferences based on an individual’s one-time or regular visits can yield insights into their more embarrassing habits, preferences, and struggles,” says CEO Mike Fong. As the best and safest GPS tracing in 2024, we searched for the most effective ways to track a phone number secretly and help you uncover the distressing truth anonymously.

What Is Mobile Location Tracking?

Mobile phones are equipped with GPS technology that allows you to locate the device on a map easily. You can track phone number location free via Google Maps or free apps. A number location finder, on the other hand, uses cell phone numbers to inform you about someone’s whereabouts in real time without installation.

How to Trace Location by Phone Number?

The benefit of using a cell phone location tracker is eliminating time-consuming installation processes. While most of the monitoring apps require iCloud credentials or one-time physical access to Android devices, number location finders offer you what you need with a single phone number. A quick registration and payment process is followed with a simple numbers bar, allowing you to lean back and see someone’s site on Google Maps.

Best Cell Phone Number Trackers in 2023

Time is the most precious thing in our century, and saving it comes with practicality. We listed down the fastest and most useful cell phone location trackers worth your money. is a remote and discreet number location finder that utilizes a link to track the GPS coordinates, carrier, and Wi-Fi connections of an Android or iPhone. Users may send an anonymous SMS with a tracking link or upload an image to the website, get a link to this enticing picture, and send it to the target in any messenger. Once the phone user clicks on the link, the geolocation starts and shows the visited places. No installation is necessary, and a $1 trial offers unlimited link requests for 2 days.

Robust online geolocatingCompatible with any OSWorks worldwide Limitless phone number tracking $1 trial for 48 hours24/7 live chat supportLimited features for a $39.99 monthly subscription

This functional mobile tool uses curiosity to track cell phone numbers. An interesting image hidden in a link created by is sent to the receiver via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or other messenger. Clicking on the URL activates worldwide location tracking and drops the IP, Wi-Fi, and VPN data of the device on your user screen. Monthly and annual plans are available with free online support.

Fast and easy location trackingHidden Android and iPhone monitoring and literally any other OS since the app is web-based and requires no installationCustomizable messages for SMS and online social media appsMobile geolocation within a 5-meter radius$1 trial for 2 daysHigh pricesDoesn’t provide a history of whereabouts; only one location is tracked at the moment of following a link

Mobile Tracker Free

Mobile Tracker Free is a budget-friendly and precise location tracker tracing the whereabouts of a cell phone on maps. Its features alarm you upon visits to unwanted locations and follow the cell phone on a live map. Plus, it gathers information from social media accounts via the keylogger feature and reports call logs remotely. A basic plan is available without any charges and a download link is provided on the official website.

30+ featuresUser-friendly Android and iPhone interfaceReal-time location tracking for up to 30 minFree installation and use for about a weekCannot track turned-off phone No geofencing

How to Track Phone Location by Number for Free

Apart from using a number location finder or a phone monitoring app, other tools such as Google Maps, Find My App, or Find My Device also offer users easy and free tracking options for mobile locations.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a global coordinate provider for Android phones. It offers a free location-sharing feature that enables Android users to see each other’s exact location remotely. The places visited can be viewed in short intervals without sending an alert to the phone holder. The coordinate monitoring continues until the location sharing is turned off.

To activate the feature secretly, one-time physical access to the Android device is necessary. Go to Google Maps settings, turn on “Location Sharing”, and add your name to the list of shared devices. You are ready to track the cell phone for free.

Find My App

Find My App is a free Apple service that helps iOS users detect their lost devices in minutes. It also allows other iOS users to follow your GPS data simultaneously and get informed about the direction you are heading or the speed of your car.

To monitor an iPhone’s whereabouts in full stealth mode, you need to access the target device and go to Find My App settings. Choose “People” and click on “Share Location”. Add your name, set up the time limit for your location tracking, and see the live coordinates of the person remotely.

Find My Device

This GPS tracker app traces the precise location of an Android device using a Google account. It shows the last online coordinates even if the phone is off and reports the battery and network status. Along with the location, the Android user can view the contacts and email addresses linked to the same account. Moreover, camera access is available and gives the user an idea about the whereabouts of the phone user.

To efficiently monitor an Android phone without them knowing, downloading the app on your phone and entering the Google account credentials of the aimed device is necessary. Once this step is over, all data mentioned above automatically drops on your Find My Device page.

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Final Verdict

There are various ways to track a cell phone by number in 2024, however, if we consider the practicality and functionality of the technology era, top-notch number location finders are undoubtedly at the top of the list. Fast and easy location tracking with just a phone number enhances user experience and allows millions of phone users to reveal the hidden facts behind locked phone screens. If you also have some question marks in your head, try GEOfinder, a top-notch number location finder, and clear the clouds effortlessly.


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