How To Teach Soccer To Your Kids?

As a parent, if you want your child to be a soccer player, it’s essential to teach them the proper techniques. Here, we will share some ways that are required for any kid to learn to be a good soccer player. Parents and coaches should also follow these practices to teach the kids to be good football players. So, let’s get started:

Some phases to follow:

There are some primary stages that every child must learn to play soccer. Their coaches, parents, fellow players, and friends should guide them to learn these steps. They are discussed below:

1. To know the fundamental soccer regulations:

It is essential to know the basic soccer rules for a child who wants to be a soccer player. They are very immature to understand the regulations, so parents or elder siblings can help them learn about the basic rules. The best-recommended method is to provide a look at the entire football ground and then describe the practices. It would be best for them to understand the rules.

2. To teach how to kick the ball:

Kicking or shooting the ball is one of the crucial matters of soccer. Therefore, try your kid to get acquainted with the soccer ball as early as possible. Let them kick the ball at a particular goal at home or the goalpost in the field. This practice is essential to learn the techniques of how to kick a soccer ball correctly.

3. Arrange startup games with friends:

If your kids are not a part of any coaching center still, they can learn soccer. You can arrange startup soccer games between friends. This type of game can be played regularly for a short duration. There will be no competition and children should enjoy the whole thing without any pressure. This will help them to learn more about soccer games before they start taking professional coaching classes.

4. Learn and practice fundamental drills required for soccer:

To be good at soccer, learn and practice some basic exercises like dribbling, passing, and kicking/shooting. Therefore, encourage your child to watch the soccer games and try to practice these three drills to achieve remarkable skills in soccer.

5. Participate in school team:

Almost in every school, there is a soccer team. So, motivate your child to be a part of the school soccer team and participate in the leagues that the schools arrange. They will need to practice every day if they are part of the school team. As a result, it will help your kids sharpen their skills and acquire mastery over the game.

6. Watch Soccer matches:

While learning anything, relaxation and break are incredibly significant. Not bound your kid always in a strict discipline where they are only playing and getting tired. Let them enjoy the soccer matches whenever it is possible. Insist them to watch the techniques and moves of great soccer players. They will appreciate it at the same time they will dream of playing like these soccer legends.

7. Gift Soccer video games:

Kids love to play video games so that you can gift soccer video games to your kids as a parent. They will enjoy the video game, and simultaneously they will learn about soccer. It will help the kids to learn the technicalities of the game in detail. Even before your kids start playing the game on the field, you can ask them to play soccer in video games. In full soccer video games, the player is in the role of a coach, which is highly beneficial for a would-be soccer player.

8. Watch Soccer coaching videos:

When your kid starts to understand soccer, then you can ask them to watch soccer tutorials. These soccer guides are available on social media and help your kid learn how to improve their skills.

Here we will share the three basic techniques that will also help you to teach your kids soccer:

Kicking/shooting the ball:

While teaching your kid to shoot a ball, you need to remember that:

  • To kick the soccer ball properly is a crucial element to be a good soccer player. It develops strength within the kids though they are playing for small respective.
  • Many kids shoot the ball by using their toes. It is not the right way. They should use the inside base of their ankle for kicking.
  • The kids should have a quick follow-through so that they can score a goal.

Curving the ball:

After your kids understand and adopt proper kicking methods, they should learn how to curve a soccer ball.

  • Curving is necessary to hit a free-kick.
  • Kids should go five steps backward to start their kicking for curving the ball.
  • Curving should be performed with the help of the top inside of the foot near the toes.
  • Hit the ball under the middle of the mark, and a player can choose any comfortable position angle.

Chipping the soccer ball:

After learning to kick and curving, your kids need to acquire mastery of chipping.

  • Chipping the ball means hitting a curveball straight. It can be passing or for scoring, but in most cases, chipping is used for passing.
  • Kids should learn to chip the ball by hitting under the ball with the large toe of the foot.
  • Kids should lean back while chipping the ball and keep the ball lower to the ground.

Final words:

The tips shared here are essential for kids to learn to play soccer. They can’t be a professional player indeed without proper coaching. But the information transmitted here is sometimes skipped by professional coaches. They emphasized directly skills that may not be adequate to be a good player. So, as a parent, if you want your child to play soccer, then teach them these fundamental elements before they start taking professional coaching classes. Train them at home by following the measures suggested and help them to be a legendry soccer player.


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