How to Scan and Merge All Pages of Assignments into One PDF Document

As a student, you have to submit your assignments in such a way that your professor can easily grade them. 

At the top of the first page, you have to write your name, subject, course, unit, and the assignment code.

Most importantly, you need to provide it in Microsoft Word or scan it as a single PDF document.

It would be best to download and print the assignment and scan it using an online scanner. Also, you have to make sure that your assignment is written in a clean and orderly manner.

Most significantly, it should be scanned in A4 format.

You can also use Cam Scanner to scan the papers. You have to save them as PDFs no matter which scanning app you use.

Before submitting an assignment to your mentor, you should scan all PDFs into a single file.

Merging PDFs into a single assignment is the foolproof approach!

Document management is always a difficult task for students, especially those that have to deal with multiple assignments in a single week.

Organizing several documents and digital files can take plenty of time. Worse, several materials may be mixed.

The best way to keep track of critical information in the paper organizing process is to merge PDF files into a single document. Combining multiple files with a reliable PDF merger is as simple as clicking a few buttons.

Having a trustworthy PDF combiner makes it easy to merge PDF online, In this blissful era of technology, combining PDF assignments is a piece of cake for students. Yes, you have heard right!

You do not need to worry about the compatibility of a top-notch tool because it works with all operating systems. Whether you have a Mac or Android device, you can benefit from it easily.

Here are some of the amazing features of the best PDF merger:

  • An online PDF joiner allows you to merge files for 100% free.
  • Reliability is another key feature of a PDF binder. It does not affect your display.
  • Moreover, it is user-friendly.

How to merge PDF assignments

Do you need to combine many assignments into a single large document?

Worry not!

On PCs, and especially on Macs, merging PDF papers into a single file is easier than you think.

Joining several assignments into a single paper is a great way to save time. Surely, you do not want to overwhelm your documents with dozens of PDF files because managing and sorting them all is extra work for you.

More importantly, it saves you the time and effort of tracking down and submitting them to your mentor.

  • Drag and drop your PDF papers into the merge box.
  • You can also insert files “Choose Files” option.
  • Finally, select the “Merge” button.
  • To download your merged PDF document, click Save and Download.

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Seven points to remember before submitting an assignment

Students spend most of their time completing academic projects and assignments. Homework plays an important role in evaluating whether you are in a college or university.

Before submitting an assignment, you need to remember these crucial points.

1. Check the title page

Make sure you do not break any of the guidelines and include everything the university requires before submitting your paper.

 It is critical that you double-check every spelling and phrase on the title page, which appears first.

2. Remove all the slangs

Before submitting your academic paper, double-check that you have not followed any informal writing styles. Jargon and slang fall under the umbrella of informal writing.

Instead, you have to write in a formal and academic style.

3. Proofread it

Checking grammar is the most vital thing to do before submitting the homework. Grammatical errors can quickly turn down the quality of your assignment, resulting in lower grades.

In order to earn decent grades, spend plenty of time correcting these grammatical errors.

4. Check the referencing style

Every institution has its own referencing style that students should stick to. When it comes to academic assignment writing, referencing is critical.

 Students should double-check their referencing style before submitting the project in its final form. First, examine your citing and referencing style to see if it meets perfectly to the requirements.

5. Check plagiarism

Universities have strict anti-plagiarism policies; thus, you must craft original and unique content accordingly. Plus, you have to check your content thoroughly before submitting it.

6. Format and layout

You should always check the tables, photos, graphs, and everything you have included in your document.

If you are changing the format of your document, you need to reorganize the tables, graphs, and photos you have included. Unfortunately, many students are unaware that they also need to change the layout of their photographs and graphics, thus submitting their thesis without making any adjustments.

7. Keep track of the word count

Keep in mind that each university and college has a different word count for each academic assignment based on the topic.

It has been widely noticed that most students never check their word counts in assignments. It harms the quality of their work. As a result, they receive poor grades.

 So, you should keep an eye on the length of your paper. In addition, you can use an online word counter to check the overall number of words you wrote.


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