How to Protect Books and Magazines

If you have a large library and need to get rid of some of your books, it may be hard to let go. Avid book lovers may also have a problem selling, donating, or recycling some of their favourite books.

You may need to create some extra room in your house or be interested in downsizing. Moving also usually necessitates that people get rid of some of their belongings, including books.

Books will also deteriorate over time. Pests, such as insects, can cause books to deteriorate rather quickly. Dust and humidity are also factors that can cause books to degrade faster.

How to Store Books

Magazines and books need to be organized. You can arrange them according to genre, subgenre, or publication if you wish. Another option is to alphabetize your books and magazines to select a book or issue of your choice quickly.

You will also need to clean your books. Use a clean cloth to dust them lightly. Avoid moisture, ensure the cloth is not wet. Removing dust and debris will reduce unpleasant odours, bugs, and humidity.

Moreover, your magazines and books should be stored in plastic storage containers whenever possible. Plastic storage containers will not attract pests, and the air-lock will keep moisture and humidity out.

They can also be easily stacked and are quite inexpensive as well. Another benefit is that they will last a lifetime, so you will save money that would have been spent on buying dozens of cardboard boxes.

A safe self-storage facility is also recommended. You should be able to find an Etobicoke storage unit. Simply call or email an Etobicoke storage unit to discuss features, services, and prices.

Ensure that the Etobicoke storage unit is reputable and has a proven track record of success. In addition, the storage unit should have climate control. The facility should be an indoor enterprise that provides climate control features that can be modified if needed.

Temperature and humidity can wreak havoc on delicate items, such as magazines and books, so renting out a climate control unit will help keep your memorabilia in pristine condition. Books and magazines that are not read should be kept out of the way.

As mentioned, a climate-controlled storage facility is recommended. The facility should also provide 24/7 surveillance monitoring services so that no one can break into the facility at night. Sensors, such as light and motion sensors, should also be part of their security.

The climate control storage unit should include all of the features you need to ensure that your valuable assets are protected 365 days a year without compromise.

Things You’ll Need to Pack Books

Waterproof labels are strongly recommended to pack your books. Plastic storage containers are also designed to last and are great for storing valuable assets. You should also use a marker to mark each box so that you can quickly access books and magazines in the future.

Archival paper and tissue should also be used, and plastic bags can also store certain items. Plastic, wood, or cardboard photo separators may also prove useful depending on what you need to store.

How to Find The Perfect Storage Solution For Books

The temperature should be cold or cool, which means it should be below or at room temperature. The perfect storage solution for books will also be dry. Ideally, it should be 35% relative humidity to slow down the deterioration process.

Areas at risk of environmental extremes, leaks, and the like should be avoided at all costs. The environment needs to be stable and clean, so you should avoid basements and attics, even if convenient.

Bright or direct light exposure also needs to be avoided without exception. Try to keep your books and magazines away from powerful and bright light sources whenever possible.

Vents and radiators can also damage books, so try to keep your books and magazines away from them. Also, you should try and store your books of similar sizes together. By doing so, the cover fronts will be adequately supported by the neighbouring books on each side.

Furthermore, you should try to avoid tilting shelved books as well. Books can be laid flat if you wish. You can also opt to keep them upright if you prefer.

What are the Tips for Storing Books?

Keep pests away from your books. The temperature will also need to be optimal. Sprinkle pepper on your items. Keep your books away from food items that can stick, damage books, or attract insects and rodents.

Books should also be stored vertically to provide them with optimal support. The changing seasons are also something to consider, as changing seasons will cause temperatures and lighting to fluctuate.

Protect Your Books and Magazines

You may have a monolithic library at home if you enjoy reading regularly. Your home library may begin to expand over time, which means you will need to store some of your older books to make room for your new masterpieces.

A secure location is needed to store your books and other delicate items in and around your home. A storage unit that includes climate control will provide a constant and safe temperature if needed to help your books last a lifetime.

The perimeter should also be covered by sturdy fencing to deter criminals from breaking into the facility. Private keypad entry codes will also help optimize protection, and controlled access is paramount.

Each storage unit should also include its state of the art security devices, and a facility manager that lives on the premises will further fortify the base and provide peace of mind.

Author Bio: Devon Graham is a blogger in Toronto. He graduated with honours from the University of British Columbia with a dual degree in Business Administration and Creative Writing. Devon Graham is a community manager for small businesses across Canada. He also likes to research various topics related to pets, food, storage solutions and business solutions.


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