How to Prepare Teens for College Life

Entering college or university is a very big step in your kids’ academic life. It’s on this day that they’ll leave home, and are off to the great, big world. While this may be fun and exciting, it can also be a daunting time of their life. There are times when a teen can actually feel as though they’re the only person in the world that has to prepare for a change in their life. The thing is, this isn’t true. They’ve only just got to learn to brush off all anxious emotions they may have about entering college, so they can make way for more of the positive emotions to come in.

You, as their parent, can positively contribute to easing out all the worries that your teenager may be going through. To start this process, you can visit for a list of school options that you and your teen can go through. From there, you can help them through every step of the process up until they’re moved into their dorm rooms. That way, they can be off to a good start on this brand-new endeavor of their life.

That said, here are some of the best tips you can apply, so you can help your teen prepare and walk through college life smoothly:

1. Keep a Positive Mood with Your Teens about College

When you and your teenager are on the planning process for college, it’s very important that you keep a positive mood all throughout. This is especially true if you notice that your teenager is more of an introvert. It’s normal for them to have so many apprehensions and fears about being away on their own for the very first time – who doesn’t? Surely, you did too.

In fact, it’s crucial that you help your teenager keep their head up. If you focus on the positive side of things, they’ll have a much easier time getting through college and getting through life.

Teens should have the ability to look forward to their lives. If they believe that they are ready, they’ll look forward to getting there. Yes, it’s not always going to be easy and filled with happiness once they’re in the campus, but let them cross the bridge when they get there. Teenagers adapt very quickly, and this also enables them to learn to go through adversities and challenges on their own. What’s important is that, early on, you’ve already set a positive mindset in them, before their very first day.

2. Foster Independence at Home

Beyond just the academic lessons your teen learned in their high school years, you’ve also got to give them the right training at home, in terms of their attitude or their character. Being well prepared to survive college is more than just the brains. It’s also about learning how to stand on their own feet, and be responsible to fend for themselves as they create this new life away from home.

So, if your teenager has still been quite dependent on you to cook or do basic chores, it’s also a good idea for you to give them room now to do these on their own. Bring them with you to the grocery store and teach them how to budget. Give them a few tips here and there on time management – remember that in college, the workload is going to be harder. That’s also one thing you’ll have to teach and motivate your teen about, early on.

3. Converse Regularly with Your Teen about It

If this is going to be their very first taste of life away from home, emotionally, that’s also going to be a very big adjustment for them.

What you can do to help them out early on is for you to converse regularly with your teen about it. That way, they’ll still feel like as if they’ve got you walking with them, through this process, as it was on their very first day of kindergarten many years back.

Remember, no matter how old your teenagers may be, or how strong they may look on the outside, it’s normal for them to have some apprehensions. They’ll still need to have their parents to talk to. You can make this transition easier for them by walking with your teen throughout every step of the process.

4. Encourage Your Teen to Set Goals

Goal setting is another very important trait that your teen should be able to do in their college years. This doesn’t necessarily always have to be the big goals. Even the smallest goals can help keep your teen motivated even on the days when their college life may be going quite difficult.

You can sit through this process together, or they can do it all by themselves. The most important thing for you to remember, however, is that you should never set or create goals for them, according to want you want them to achieve. It’s already a big enough achievement that they’ve made it to college, and that they’re serious about finishing it. But whatever goals they may have for themselves is entirely personal. Your job is simply to guide them, and hear them out, so you know they’re on the right track.

5. Help Them Research Various Colleges

When your kids are still in high school, they’re undeniably young. For some, they might feel like as if they already have their entire future laid out for them and ready. They know precisely what colleges to apply to, what degrees they want, and what are their other options.

However, there are also those that are still confused, even about their college choice. As you sit down with your teenager to talk about and walk them through the process, it’s a good idea also to help them research through various options of colleges that they may want to consider applying to. Give them options, depending on the degree they’d like to take up.

Doing this can actually help steer your teens towards the right direction. They could tend to look forward more to college, when they actually already have a feel of where they may be headed to. This is a far cry different from your teen consistently feeling lost about the options and possibilities.


As parents, it’s normal for you to always want the best for your kids. This is a no-brainer. With the best life you wish to give them, this also includes inspiring and motivating them well enough, for them to look forward to and be prepared for their college life. Remember that you’re initially setting them up for their future, as they’re not going to be under your care forever. If you’ve got a kid that’s soon off to college, the tips above are great for you to apply. These will make your kids ready for the bright future that’s right ahead of them.


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