How to Play Minecraft Earth Game?

Imagine a game where the reality is only a mobile screen away, allowing you to move within the spatial motion, and letting you feel that you are inside the game. Imagine your avatar to come alive, working with you for a special mission.

But the future has come to a virtual flesh. Today’s technology has reached the farthest reality it can achieve. Using your mobile screen, you can alter the real world with a lense of the future. Thanks to Augmented Reality (AR), gaming experience comes with an upgrade.

Tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple are converting their content into 3D modeling for gaming. Games like Pokemon Go, Ghostbusters World, The Walking Dead: Our World are now jazzing up mobile phones through AR.

As the birth of its ubiquity, Minecraft is now taking the spot for an AR gaming experience. Sounds exciting, right. This article reveals the latest features and basic ways to play Minecraft Earth.

Minecraft Earth, an overview

Launched last October 17, 2019, Minecraft Earth was born. The AR-powered reality game brings another Minecraft experience into the real setting by using your mobile devices. Through an all-new augmented reality, the technology lays computer-generated images over your view of the world by imitating and taking shape as 3D models and videos into life-sized creations.

While the virtual reality (VR) takes users into a completely simulated world requiring a complete immersion, the augmented reality (AR) still allows the users to experience the real world. Without shutting down the physical world completely, AR extends a digitally augmented feature that can be seen on top of your phone’s camera.

As a new digital masterpiece, another level of creative expression, adventure, and freedom is a no-brainer in Minecraft Earth.

How to play Minecraft Earth and what to expect

Minecraft Earth is an advanced version of the Minecraft game, only that the former promotes an augmented reality. It’s still the same Minecraft that you used to love and learn how to make Minecraft servers for multiplayer. However, its graphical performance strictly speaks of its transition to a top-notch digitally augmented feature.

Codakid suggests three gaming modes for you to achieve a great playing experience in Minecraft Earth:

#1 Map Mode: Tappables, Collecting Blocks, Items, & Mobs

Map Mode allows you to collect blocks, items, and mobs by walking around your neighborhood and finding Tappables.

Tappable are icons appearing on your map, such as farming mobs like pigs, ducks, and treasure chests with essential materials, and landscapes made of dirty blocks. Some tappable transforms into its desired matter. For instance, by tapping a tree, you’ll receive blocks of wood.

Moreover, map mode offers a Tabletop Build Mode, which allows you to place and block mobs using Build Plates. Here, the Build Plate suits all of your inventory. To purchase a Build Plate, you either unlock a new Build Plate every time you gain five levels, or use Rubies to get new Build Plates.

#2 Play Mode / Life-Size Play Mode

If you want to construct and build materials in a digitally augmented real world, then Play Mode is for you!

In this mode, you have the liberty to alter and combine elements for your targeted purpose. And every interaction with your Build Plates is not permanent. In other words, an intently destroyed building goes back to the way it was constructed.

There are two main sub-modes of Playmode – Punch and Interact Modes.

In Punch Mode, you can punch things you desire. You can break down every block and obtain essentials for your survival. But always remember your limitation: you can’t punch things beyond your character’s physical capacity. Use tools to break hard materials like stones, gems, rocks, and among others.

Similar to Punch Mode, the Interact Mode enables you to adjust your Build Plates by placing blocks you have in your inventory.

#3 Adventure Mode

The adventure mode in Minecraft Earth is similar to what is the adventure mode in Minecraft. In this mode, you can search for resources, craft items, and pick up whatever you want. However, you can’t fly. As you explore areas with your friends, you’ll battle monsters and farm mobs.

Adventure mode is a no-brainer. All items are evenly shared between all party members. Together with your friends, you’ll battle enemies that suddenly attack your team. As your defense, you have to gather resources and find weapons.

Remember, when your life expires so as with your items. In other words, you have to select what you should bring on the adventure.

Key Takeaways

Easy to learn. Impossible to lose. The world is yours for the making.

Your imagination has come to its flesh. And virtual reality is a mobile screen closer to your vision. While everyone wants to escape from the physical reality, the Minecraft Earth now offers another level of gaming experience, bringing you near to perfection.

Empowered by a digitally augmented reality (AR), Minecraft Earth is an advanced version of the Minecraft game. It remains the same objective, but its state-of-the-art features are far from the usual.

Hence, as a new digital masterpiece, Minecraft Earth promises another level of creative expression, adventure, and freedom through the following modes:

  1. Map Modes;
  2. Play Mode; and
  3. Adventure Mode

As a reminder, a great gaming experience comes with a great responsibility.


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