How to Enhance the Creativity in Children

What is creativity?

Creativity, just like intelligence, is considered one of the most critical personality traits. It is not easy to measure creativity and its process in a person. Many theories developed on how creativity is measured, but still, its exact process remains somewhat vague. Some ideas state that creativity generates random thoughts and then puts them into form and expression. Others believe that creativity is a series of linked cognitive processes that involve reasoning and problem-solving, which are necessary for survival. Still, some researchers hold that creativity is a creative mental state that is specifically present when a person is in the “dream state”.

Based on a study conducted by Michigan State University and published in the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences, creativity is indeed a distinct personality trait. In a study done on creative individuals, it was found that their brain activity was different from usual. Those who are creative possess different brainwaves, including high beta waves, mediumwave, and low beta waves. These abnormal brainwaves are known as dysfunctions or disruptions in various brain functions such as memory, learning, and decision making.

Researchers concluded that the inability to create something comes from three external and internal barriers or obstructions based on these findings. First, an individual’s creativity is influenced by genetic. Second, the external factors or influences include the environment, which can affect the individual’s behavior, and third, the individual’s internal mind resistance or “courage” to creativity.

Ways to develop childrens’ creativity

The educational system is geared towards developing a few specific ‘gifts’ in a child – intelligence, problem-solving, and creativity. Teachers often prefer teaching interests and talents in the form of reading, writing, or mathematics. The most widespread method they use – creating new titles for some stories. It can be not easy, but here is a guide: You can find directions on everything.

By encouraging children’s imagination, we could potentially be opening the door to a world of wonder for them and maybe even allowing them to use their talents in a way they would not have been able to before. It would be a wonderful thing, as any child grows interested in art, music, dance, or athletics.

If we encourage our children’s talents at a young age, they must have access to all forms of creativity that stimulate and excite them. It is also essential to allow them a free hand in deciding what interests and passions they may choose to explore, as having no inhibitions can sometimes be a good thing.

For example, when developing children’s creativity, you could let them create a poem using whatever words come to mind. No matter how strange or unusual the poem may sound, try and see if they can identify its meaning and put it into practice. The more children’s imagination can flow and flourish, the more chance they can discover things for themselves.

Encouraging creativity and letting childrens’ imagination run wild is also beneficial for being free to explore and learn new things helps them grow and mature as individuals who can think for themselves and are self-reflexive in their actions and choices. It is also crucial that parents and other adults in the family encourage and participate in developing childrens’ thoughts and ideas by being open to questions, asking questions, and participating in different hands-on activities. It promotes creativity and allows them to establish a sense of independence. Finally, by enabling childrens’ creative play and exploration to flowing, they will be better prepared to face the rigors of school, discovering things for themselves, and becoming much more proactive in life as a result.

Encourage experimentation and new ideas

Teachers must know how to use children’s resources of inspiration in the classroom to emphasize the process of creativity and learning. These resources are what children rely on most when it comes to finding answers to questions that challenge their minds. These resources provide children with solutions, but they provide them with tons of other things as well. Teachers need to know how to use these resources appropriately to encourage children to explore and experiment.

Another good way to encourage children’s creativity is to give them a piece of paper or pencil and jot down their ideas. Once they have listed their opinions, they can brainstorm ways to implement them before writing them down. Teachers can use these brainstorming sessions to encourage more creativity.

The role of education in creative thinking

The long-term and optimum conditions for creativity development are ambiguous and variable, and thus we might say that the role of education in developing children’s imagination is unclear also. Some people claim that education is critical and proper skills development is necessary to enable children to live better lives. On the other hand, some believe that children are at the age when they can take up various educations and are well ready for it and thus should not hurry creative development. It is, therefore, given that both arguments are equally valid but with different implications.

Children should be encouraged to utilize their creative thinking and ability to develop innovative answers to issues. They should realize that innovating is not a cliche; it needs to be treated as an art form. It is necessary to show children that what they do has immense possibilities and they can use such innovative solutions for creating a different world and society. Only then will we say that education has a role in creativity, and children should learn to maximize their creativity in solving problems.


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